Have you or will you install Sailfish OS on your Sony Xperia 10 III?

We have a a poll up on twitter right now. If you have an Xperia 10 III (or are thinking of getting one) and are in possession of a twitter account, then please add your vote!

And of course, please retweet and send postcards to others about it so they can join in too.

I have installed SFOS on my Sony Xperia 10 III, but I don’t use twitter …


What an excellent way to poll both the twitter users…

To answer the question. No. I have bought a 10 III for sfos, but
a) Currently neither VOLTE or VoWIFI can be provisioned on a 10 III on my network in Android, I have no hope that SFOS will be any different. I have found no clues what/how to make it happen - others have been trying for more than 6 months.
b) The voice echo driver issue sounds like a show stopper (but others are free to say: actually it’s not a big problem). I can’t imagine Sony fixing a driver for a phone that is superseded in the next few weeks, and probably out of production already.

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I don’t have a Twitter account, and I don’t intend to get one.

I do have a Sony Xperia 10 III, bought specifically for installing SFOS. Not done yet because of the echo cancellation issue.

I use SFOS exclusively (no Android), which makes life difficult as there are so many services that assume people have either Android or iOS, but I feel very strongly about enabling (a) security & privacy and (b) choice.

I buy full SFOS licences because I want to support Jolla, and the predictive keyboards are very, very useful.


I don’t have a Twitter account, and I don’t intend to get one.

But I already have installed SFOS on my Xperia 10 III.

What is the echo cancellatiin issue?

Thanks for all the feedback. It’s nice to hear about everyone’s support, and also the reasons behind your decisions to use and support Sailfish OS.

The purpose of the twitter poll is for light-hearted entertainment, so please don’t worry if you don’t have a twitter account. Everyone is entirely welcome to participate, entirely ignore it, or participate in this thread instead, as you prefer.

I have bought an Xperia 10 III and a SailifishOS license for it. I’ m now using it as my main phone (I don’t have another one except for a pinephone which also runs SailfishOS). The experience has been great so far, thank you Jolla :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t have a Twitter account, and I don’t intend to get one.

But, I do want to support the poll. I bought a Xperia 10 III specifically to run Sailfish on it and avoid Android/IOS. My previous phone was non-sailfish, but the one before that was the Jolla 1. It’s nice to be back :smile:

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I’ve abandoned my Twitter account long time ago. But my Xperia 10 III is now running on Sailfish. Going to use it as a daily driver. Most workflows, communication and media sources seem to work. Things I’ve needed to sacrifice so far are only mobile banking apps and bluetooth scooters, but I think I can manage without them.

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I don’t have a twitter account.

I don’t have a 10iii but am very keen on getting one to install Sailfish partly to get VoLTE and partly because of the GPS issues on the XA2.

However like crun above (whom I suspect is from where I am) there are documented issues with the 10iii actually being able to use VoLTE even with the stock Android ROM. There might be several reasons for this which may be able to be resolved but until it is proven the 10iii can be made to work with VoLTE in my location I will be holding off.


Having switched from Xperia X to 10 III. Screen colours and sound from jack are really great. As usual os is very responsive and pleasant but you have to accommodate with some bug and look for fix from forum.

Used a mixed of backup ([4.4.0] Can't restore backup (to another device)), and file copy (to remove old stuff) for transfer. Many app were missing from jolla store but can be found from openrepos installed from CHUM. Need bluez5-tools to pair with car (How to connect to car bluetooth when car is requesting pin - #5 by frojnd ). Currently happy but looking for emojis !!

Github is for gits and twitter is for twits :slight_smile: Sorry. I. Just. Could. Not. Help. Myself.

I have a twitter account, I use Piepmatz and Tweetbot (ipadmini) and will see tomorrow if I can make a picture and add it to the reply.
I was satisfied with the XA2+, but the card slot is broken, it is quite heavy and slow. The 10 III is fast! However the sound of the XA2+ is much better than the 10 III.

For emoji: go to Storeman, install emoji+ by adekker. Go to Settings, tap on textinput, then on keyboards. You will then find emoji in the list languages.

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I have SFOS on my Xperia 10 iii and it is my main phone. I do not like encryption as it slows down the software and can connect Nakamichi Uno ear buds, the just don’t work. May be later. I do use the apple one that work flawlessly but i do hate them!

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How about a poll on Mastodon instead? :wink:
(psst, is Jolla’s fosstodon account set up yet?)

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I posted on twitter because I like Sailfish and I want it to prosper.
I gave my XA2 to my husband for a while and my XA2+ was beginning to disfunction (browser doesn’t work, no SD cards possible, etc.).
Yet I like the design of the XA2 most of all the phones Jolla implemented. Curved on the sides and a little bit on the back, flat under and above. The ratio of the XA2 also seems more right to me.
My first smartphone was an iphone 3GS, curved back, fitted in the palm of my hand, good ratio. When Apple changed the design I went to Jolla and enjoyed the Sailfish interface. Should have bought the N9 before!
The 10 III actually has a plain, flat design with a slippery glass back, just as so many other phones. I have to use a cover for a good feeling.
Colours on the XA2 and XA2+ are fine enough, deeper and more saturated spheres than on the 10 III. The most remarkable advantages of the 10 III are to my opinion that it is much faster, snappier than the devices we used before, that the battery is better, that there is more storage and that it is futureproof (5G capable). Another advantage is the weight: it’s a lightweight, compared to the XA2 and XA2+.
Concerning Sailfish: wonderful UI except the picking-up-a-call gesture. Still wished the pulley menu came back, or a button or a slider instead of this vague swipe.
What’s not better on the 10 III: Sony did not care much about the sound quality this time. With earbuds it is ok, but without it is not great and if you wear hearing aids it sounds cheapish.