Has Aurora OS now been canceled?

Or has it just vanished from the web?
I realized that Auroraos.ru has not been reachable/does not resolve for a couple of days now.

Could also be due to a US provider (Cogent) cancelling their contracts with russian companys:

Article in German, sorry. But it claims Rostelekom was a mayor Cogent customer and now their website are dysfunctional. That probably explains why AuroraOS.ru can also not be reached any longer.

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It is still available in Russia, (at least it resolves) my guess is a geoblock.

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Rather not, or am I stupid?
Yandex doesn’t seen to resolve ?

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Look at the right side → DNS Lists

Choose Asia

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Ah haha interesting.
And its true geoblocking since it only resolves with the Asian dns servers from Russia, not the European…
Doesn’t really make particular much sense but well, it’s probably not down at least:)

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Screen shows: Aurora Store
failed to connect to goolag.store/ (port 1337) from /10.255… (port 35xxx) after 25000ms.

…from Austria

edit: no joke and not a typo, really goolag.store!!

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Update your store @Seven.of.nine Aurora Store has nothing to do with Aurora OS


Thank you very much @emva ! Downloaded Aurora Store 4.1.1 just now and reinstalled it → works like a charm!
I apologize, I was absent-minded reading the thread title while I had my problems with the store + my old client version.

Checked it right now from Austria: No response for half a minute, blank screen.

Auroraos.ru is still there with a VPN through Russia also.

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