Guideline for an easy way (script) to transfer personal data from one phone to another using SD card

A Request for a general and easy approach or better App/function to transfer the data from one phone with sailfish on it to another phone running sailfish without using online internet resources - means offline, e.g. using a storage (micro SD card), bluetooth, etc. Would it also be possible to add compartability when the phones have different OS Versions - e.g. Phone 1 (Sailfish 3 on Sony Xperia xa2) to Phone 2 (Sailfish 4 Sony Xperia 10 II).
I tried to use the sailfish backup from phone 1 and had it read in phone 2. The process got stuck so I canceld it. I found out, that the gallery content had been transfered, not the messages, phonenumbers, notes, etc.
I am a little lazy or simple do not have the time to transfer everything manually. And I would have to get familiar with the structure, because I would not know how to transfer SMS messages.

It would be great if the jolla team could provide a guideline at the end of the OS installation explanation that is provided and works well. I think transfering data in a comfortable way, might become more important in the future, with more users changing phones and having different OS, while wanting to stay in the jolla/sailfish ecosystem.

I also posted this message in the section Get Started under a similar topic, that had been discussed in may.



There is a recent app - - that seems to provide better features to Jolla backup, but I haven’t used Jolla backup myself… I have copied userdata to sd card using dd command, and works well to restore, but: 1) I have only done it as a way to restore to the same phone, (not sure how it would work to copy to a different phone. My guess is that it would be ok as long as it’s the same version …), and 2) It requires about 24gb of space and about 25 minutes to complete.
I posted about it here - complete flashable image of the os as backup -
(also see the answer before mine for some helpful information)

Thank for your post. I guess transfering the backup from Sailfish 3 to sailfish 4 does not work out of the box. Mankir tells the reason here: SD card backup transfer from Xperia X to Xperia 10 II? - #8 by mankir