SD card backup transfer from Xperia X to Xperia 10 II?

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I just bought an Xperia 10 II as a future replacement for my good old Xperia X :slight_smile:

When I receive my new device, will I be able to import some of my data (mostly phone numbers and messages I presume) from the Xperia X ? I.e is the SD card backup file transferable from one phone to the other ?

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Yes the backup file should be transferable between phones, but there might be some bugs when you restoring data to the new phone.

I transfered data from JollaPhone to Xperia 10 and couple of my contacts missed their phonenumbers and not all of my text/mms-messages weren’t restored, but the messages weren’t an issue to me and I added the missing numbers manually. Also some people have reported issues with different accounts where they have to logout and log back in to the accounts they have under Settings -> Accounts to resolve those services not working properly.

Restoring backup from XperiaX didn’t work completely on my 10ii. Gallery, browser and messages worked. I dont know about calendar, because I dont use it.
Notes and People (contacts) did not transfer.

The workaround from Garak for the contacts is:
" I just extracted ./People/data/all.vcf (I think that was the file name) from backup and imported all.vcf from Peope app settings (Settings/Apps/People; there’s an option labelled “From contact file”). Almost forgot; I had to place all.vcf to either into ~/Documents or into ~/Downloads folder for the import to find it."

For the notes, I´m going to copy/paste them from a document-file…

As you can see, it´s not really flawless, but doable…

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Only Windows phones had a FULL backup including apps with data etc… That is something I really, really miss .

Huawei has an app Phone Clone, which also does a good job, as I could recently test.
If you want to change to a new Android smartphone, whether you come from Andriod or iOS.

But we are getting closer:


Is there a general easy approach to transfer the data from one phone to another and at the same time schwitching OS Versions - from Phone 1 (Sailfish 3 on Sony Xperia xa2) to Phone 2 (Sailfish 4 Sony Xperia 10 II).
I tried to use the sailfish backup from phone 1 and had in in phone 2. The process got stuck so I canceld it. I found out, that the gallery content had been transfered, not the messages, phonenumbers, notes, etc.

It would be great if the jolla team could provide a guideline in the installation explanation, because transfering data in an comfortable way is also important for users.
Please indicate were to post this, because I could not find a proper folder that discusses issues on using different sailfish versions on different phones with the same content in this forum.

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you have to create a symlink, because the default username changed from nemo to defaultuser. then restoring backups works…

Hi Mankir, thank you for that suggestion. Can you quickly tell me how to create a symlink, before I start searching… Thanks!