GUI Reduced Sizing (Zoom Factor)

Is there a way to have five rows of icons on the app drawer, and an overall reduced sizing of GUI? I prefer to see more information on a page than having to scroll for it.

I saw a while ago ‘zoom factor’ was a thing, but haven’t seen it mentioned recently - is this still a thing? Or is there another way to modify it? On Android you could change the DPI to get the same effect.

I’m using an XA2.

Check this topic : UI-Themer missing from OpenRepos

Thanks. I should have tried a bit harder in my searching!

The title is not really relevant :wink:

This post explained how to do exactly what I was wanting: UI-Themer missing from OpenRepos

It worked for I used nano editor to edit the silica-configs.txt file, as root file explorers don’t seem to work with the 4.0 update.

I tried this on an Xperia 10, changing the ratio to 1.5 - also tried on an XA2 and it worked great - but what I enjoyed afterward was being able to change text size in the settings to something that was more reasonable - normal was small, and large was normal when running at a lower theme pixel ratio.