GPS Experiences after flashing with Android 11

Six days ago I tried to fix this bug by flashing my X10II with Android 11 and back to SFOS. Unfortunately without result, the bug is still present.

But I made another very pleasant observation.
With Android 11 I took a long walk with my dog and recorded the track with Osmand. I also installed Magic Earth, and had it calculate a route. I turned location on and off at various locations.
After I flashed SFOS again a day later, I tested location.
I had a GPS fix within 3 - 6 seconds outdoors and a maximum of 40 seconds indoors (my apartment, my office).
GPS setting is device-only.
I have been watching this for 5 days now and was in another city yesterday. Always the same. Sensational.

This could possibly be a workaround for all those who have problems with GPS.

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That phenomenon has been reported several times in the very old and long gps thread.
After flashing GPS works well.
But it has also been reported that this not always stays so brilliant after some time of phone usage.
The general conclusion was, at least for the XA2, that SFOS has problems in dealing with the GPS chip/modem.
According last informations, Jolla’s guys are working on it.