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If I remember correctly, it’s in ~/.local/share/org.gpodder... something.

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Found them. Thank you.

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Settings menu is very unpopulated.

Datamanagement on 16|32GB devices is cumbersome.

Where does app x or y store data is a recurring tune

I wish Jolla Sailfish would offer a centralized option for default storage of designated media / static data on SD card, to be set in OS system settings.

And the answer is always the same, at least for harbour- applications.

Why is there so little atention to user friendly options for alternative saving of non user relared data on that 1TB empty SD card is an other recurring theme.

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One has to honor the many replies about this topic on the fora since 2013…look up the answer.
Where is the current file saving (MP3/M4B podcast media) location version 4.5 Sailfish OS for Harbour and non-Harbour.
What is Harbour?
Is this application harbour or non-harbour?
How can I make simlinks?
How about not wanting to enable terminal and still wishing to change large non personal data storage location?
Could Jolla implement this as settings system wide to assingn part of static data (maps, large media files, …) per application to SD Datacards?

From the series: Don’t be lazy or use the iPhone

In the past I maintained a harbour and a non-harbour branch of gPodder this is not something I am looking to return to if avoidable it is a royal pain in the *ss.

Allowing a random path for storage may be possible though I am not sure what sailjail will do with that…


Podcatcher seems to get it right (save to SD) however it could improve on naming of the files. Also, impossible to have it save to SD after SD has been added to the system.

For my Gpodder installation: I can’t find the saved files in the regular place. So no way to copy them manually to SD

The folder for Gpodder files ?
Answer in the old forum ! Where does Gpodder store its files.... ? -
Then you need to make a symlink for the µSD. But you need to adapt names of folders and files.

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Some updates:

  1. The poll results can be seen above, they will become the default settings but I am actually working on allowing the stepsize, min and max speeds to be set by the user, I’m still limiting them a tiny bit min speed is 0.05 max speed is 5 and minimum increment jumps is 0.05 (also 0.05-1.0), please note that there is no point is trying to use this mechanism to “hack” a “default speed” that is not 1 (by setting (min=max) != 1) since the return to 1 is related to the underlying media system and not gPodder thus if you are unable to change the speed you will find yourself at 1 without the ability to change speed.
  2. I was also intending to add a episode_art download toggle, from my current debugging when an episode is downloaded its’ art is also downloaded so that should not have been the cause of data usage (I may still add the toggle)
  3. I will also try to see if I can set an alternate path for storage like this without sailjail exploding at me.

I hope I’ll be able to do a release in the not too distant future, it will probably mainly be focussed on allowing more things in the settings dialog and will also be disabled in the UI.


to listen to two episodes during a flight i downloaded episodes for the first time in gpodder. but how can i delete the downloads again so that these “1” next to the podcasts disappear? the episodes should still appear in the list of all episodes like any other episode i have listened to. thank you very much

You raise a point that also bothers me but my understanding is that it is the “expected/normal” workflow of users who have used gPodder for a long time (I base this contention on some of the bug reports and usage descriptions given in different forums) and I am not sure what to do with it, what I do in these cases is I delete the episode and then mark it as unread and after that as read.

BTW as far as I recall it is also possible to show the deleted episodes in a filtered view.

On an unrelated note a few question for the people asking for the ability to store on an SD card -

  1. What data do you expect/want to be there?
  2. Will you do the move (copy) of the data yourself?

Some background - gpodder has environment variables that will move the directories to wherever you want, if we were allowed to use the app settings menu that would probably be the cleanest option.
Since that is not possible as far as I know the next best option is to allow the user to configure the data or the downloads directory (normally they are one and the same, data contains the database and downloads the episodes and episode art), currently I am most inclined to only allow moving the downloads folder because unless I also copy the database when an alternate folder is chosen on the next start all subscriptions will be gone.
Of course if the user actually copies the data folder elsewhere it could be both.
The settings folder can’t be moved because there needs to be at least one thing stored in a fixed location to define where to look for the other data.


Last night I released 4.16 on OpenRepos and also posted it to harbour where it is in the QA queue.

These are the release notes:

4.16.0 - "Mesirut"

“Mesirut” means devotion, loyalty and/or dedication.

This release is mainly focused on settings, the following things were added/changed:

  • plugin is now disabled since seems to be non-functional and our attempts to reach out to its’ maintainers have failed.
  • The upper and lower limits of the speed slider in the Player can be configured as well as the stepsize of the the slider.
  • An alternate download folder can be set, please note the following things:
    • The input is a string, you can write anything there make sure what you put there makes sense, if not it will be ignored.
    • After changing for the changes to take effect you need to restart gpodder
    • Moving of existing data has to be done by the user, if this is not done all previously downloaded episodes will be marked as deleted
    • If the path provided in the settings is not writable (eg. /root/) gpodder will revert to the default path.

Thanks to my sponsor on github (@peperjohnny), please consider also sponsoring me.

  1. What data do you expect/want to be there?
    ->>> the precious cached podcast data files for offline usage (listening with software of choice) and eventually archiving. Streaming over 5G and relying on cloud everything is an putdated and losing attitude imo.

  2. Will you do the move (copy) of the data yourself?

–>> Rather not move the data myself my 32GB main memory is full daily.
Thank you for including the data storage location option in the latest version 4.16, it works perfectly and appreciated that podcasts are saved in named folders per channel. Finally that 1TB SD card starts to pay off.
It would be nice if the resulting audio files were adequately named. There’s a pollished application on iOS called “downcast” that names the files in a perfectly structured manner.
Anyway, many thanks for listening to your users. I can now remove Podcatcher.

PSA - for those who use an alternate path, unless you are OK with tracker including the contents in your gallery etc. some action is needed, I seem to have a vague recollection (and quick forum search) that you can create a .nomedia file in folders you want to be ignored, I will test this later today and update.

(I realized it today when a podcast cover showed up in my gallery which I don’t access so often).

“a .nomedia file in folders you want to be ignored”

No need testing, that is correct.

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Does it apply recursively to all child folders?

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It should, but I can’t swear on that one. Never had a reason to try.

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Did a quick check and found in my Downloads/Yottagram folder that .nomeda do apply recursively to child folders.