gPodder and micro-sd card

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I update yesterday our XA2-monosim and IntexAquafish (as Jolla C).
Since, gPodder does not find any files on the µSDcard. Same thing for OSMAnd :frowning:

After a look, i saw that with this 4.1 update, the volume label of the micro-sd card was change.
Now the name of my micro-sd card is just in fact its UUID name (as in my first Jolla 1). So the symlink for gPodder in /nemo/.local/share is now broken.

And for OSMand, the name i give to permit for the app to find the good path is also false :frowning:

As i’m not a developper and i does not want to make mistakes, what is the best way to change the volume label for my micro-sd card ?

For information, this card is crypted.

Thanks a lot and sorry for my poor english :wink:

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Have you checked that your SD card has been mounted? You can do that either in Settings-Storage, this should show three devises: User data, System data and Encrypted memory card.
Otherwise if you enter the command shell, either through fingerterm/toeterm or ssh you can run command mount. This will list quite a few mounts. Rather at the end of the list it should show a entry /dev/mapper/uks-xxxxx on /run/media/<username>/xxxx.

If that exists you could bind mount your device from mount point given in the command above to the directory /runmedia//. However this needs to be done after every boot.

yes my SD card is mounted. For example: i have no problem for gallery and Media. All my music and pictures/videos are on my sd card.
I can access with my linux PC to the file system in developper mode with nemo or file (nautilus). So if rename the volume label with the previous name, do you think that’s is ok after restart the phone ?

I have that issue as well with several apps. However I haven’t investigated the root cause of those failures. Instead I have symbolic links from the directory on the sdcard to my home directory.

I guess on of the major reasons for those failures is that the mount point of the sdcard has been changed in previous updates and some apps may not use the official path to the content.
It would be a surprise if changing the volume label would fix this issue.

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Hey, it has been reported here: [] Nickname of the SD card not used in the card filesystem path anymore
Very annoying indeed, but Jolla decided to keep it as-is for the 4.1, breaking stuff yet another time :upside_down_face:
I think it’s easier to just rename the symlink, that’s what I’ll probably do on my side.


It is more than annoying…
{and just unnecessary}