Github authentication fails with the default browser

Github authentication fails with the default browser because the link passed to the broser contains some characters, like spaces that are not converted in url-mode (%20 for example). The quick solution is to install another browser and set it as the default one.

It’s not jolla-browser that came up with improperly encodes url chars, sadly can’t reproduce as it just opens first tab from history for me, but if whatever post param had spaces… Great job github guys, I guess if it works with chrome that’s good enough for all (bring back IE tweaks!!!)
And of course even removal of that pos is bugged:

Is M$ evil or just following googol best practices

Installing DuckDuckGo browser solved the problem for me.

Yes, removing the app seems imposbbile, also for me.

Probably worth reporting it to the geniuses at MS, unless android compliance specs really say you can skip encoding because we added it for chrome so who cares