GCC update from GCC 8

It’s not just for new C/C++ code standards but also new cpu cores. GCC 12 has added some compile option support for Cortex-A510, Cortex-A710 and Cortex-X2. Those cores are found on Xperia 1 IV and Xperia 5 IV.

@pherjung: how can we get that issue to be tracked by Jolla? Would be nice to get this update request tracked.

This is not a bug report, but a feature request, so moved to feature requests.

Even though we don’t generally track feature requests, you can consider this one tracked though - I created a linked item in our internal tracker.


Qt 6 should still compile on GCC 8 ? At least considering that Qt in general is especially oriented towards embedded (notoriously not a “bleeding edge” world when it comes to compilers).
I mean, there are definitely better other reasons to upgrade GCC (than Qt, that is) :slight_smile:

Not according to Supported Platforms | Qt 6.5 / under Linux X11. Whether Linux X11 applies to us or its very different for Linux Wayland, I don’t know. In addition, Qt WebEngine could have even further restrictions, as specified on that page.

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I guess as Ubuntu is bundled in the same “category” (with Mir being wayland?), this yes does make sense (to include lipstick into it).
Funny thing, compared from the Qt5 support page, it seems the “Generic linux” entry has been dropped from the Qt 6.5 one…

To Jolla: any update on this? Is it taken into the works or not yet?


Seems to be in the works - see latest newsletter.


Right, missed that one with description of @mal’s work (Sailfish Community News, 14th December, Nix)


We are working on it.


@mal do you track your progress somewhere? Are there some packages we can help with?


Everything builds with gcc 10 but there is a runtime issue with systemd when it has been built using gcc 10 which still need to be fixed.



Why do you ask about bugref?

For the systemd issue, if its available?
No particular reason other than curiosity about systemd issues :slight_smile:

Just noting here that I figured out the systemd issues, it needed some backports from newer versions to make it work.


See [systemd] Backport two patches to fix issues when built with gcc 9 or newer. JB#60722 by mlehtima · Pull Request #16 · sailfishos/systemd · GitHub

P.S.: @mal, thank you very much for writing a description for this PR, not just “Fixes JB #xxxx” as sailors usually do (which is practically / factually disguising what a PR is about rsp. what a PR fixes, because nobody outside of Jolla / Jollyboys has access to the “Jolla Bugs” / JB-database).
I really appreciate that.


Thanks to the hard work from mal and reviewers, GCC upgrade to 10 has been accepted last evening.


Great news, thanks to all. For 4.6?

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Now we’re very happy to say, with a good confidence, that GCC 10 will hit the 4.6.0.

Check Sailfish Community News, 7th March 2024 - EULA