Feature request for Gallery app - Folder view + sorting options

I just created a bug report regarding file details and this let’s me to this feature request that I actually have since 2014 with SFOS.
The Gallery app NEEDS desperately a folder based view.
It simply is not manageable to have more than 100 pictures on your phone when you want to show a picture to somebody or you need to find an older picture.
Since the bug of changing date/time stamps in moved pictures appears you can no longer rely on the order of files and since you have no overview in which folder your file lies you have to scroll through ALL tracked pictures. And even if you know the specific folder the Gallery app gives you no chance to go directly to the folder and look for the specific picture, wasting much time and effort.
Also the file sorting should be configurable, it seems it is always sorted by last modified timestamp which gets destroyed by the mentioned bug above.
Check the bug here: file date bug

Adding insult to injury:
Compare the SFOS Gallery behaviour with the default android Gallery app.
Why can android show me EASIER, BETTER and FASTER my files created with the SAILFISH CAMERA, giving me a thumbnail overview including folder names !!??

It is seriously frustrating and annoying.

We need to improve this BASIC feature in SFOS, in my opinion.
Maybe this should be a bug report? I’m not sure.


duplicate: Gallery - Please enable list view + subfolders - #6 by ichthyosaurus 10 and Gallery App User Interface improvements - #3 by Cryx

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You may also try one of my apps called ImgOrganizer, which was made for exactly that purpose and is available on https://openrepos.net/content/tplabs/imgorganizer. If you need anything specific, let me know on EMAIL.


I would like to add the impossibility to share more than one photo at time - it’s a shame, nowadays, when all is about sharing


Jolla should import ImgOrganizer’s code into the Sailfish Gallery! In the meantime, just use ImgOrganizer and thank @tplabs for it. Can we buy you a beer :wink:


Hi @rafaelfrigo,
sharing multiple pictures at once has already been successfully tested and is scheduled for next update. Images will be transmitted as ZIP file which then can be unpacked on receiving devices.

Hi @Maximilian1st,
thanks for your kind words and offer. If you would really like to sponsor a refreshing beer / coffee for further development maybe get in contact on email? But don’t feel anyhow pressured, ImgOrganizer is free for all. :slight_smile:


Wow, great to heard it! Thanks

Just uploaded, enjoy.


Having the pictures grouped by date would resolve a lot of frustration already. If you have some idea of which day the picture was taken, you can just keep scrolling until you arrive at the approximate date. Someone (perhaps it was me) already requested that, too, though.

Anyway, I wholeheartedly agree. I take quite a lot of pictures with the Xperia 10 II, and just today I wanted to show someone a picture I took. I was scrolling for several minutes through about 5000 pictures, and I still didn’t manage to find it, despite knowing approximately when I took it. They told me “if you find it, add it to your favourites so you can quickly find it again”. Haha, yeah, favourites…

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Hi tplabs, I’m replying quite late sorry. But actually I am using your app right from day one when I found it in Storeman :slight_smile:
To be honest that’s why I finally opened this thread, cause through you app I realised that I can’t stand it any more.

Since you offered it 2 requests I would have:

  1. can you show thumbnails also on the first page, maybe with a combo of folder name and thumbnail?
  2. Whenever I update the Scan folder list, the app is hanging and very often crashing, is this my phone config which could cause the problem or is this a bug or simply I have too many pics?

Anyway you app is my new Gallery app, thanks for developing it.

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Hi PatsJolla,
thanks for reporting this bug. I will look into it and try to reproduce, someone else seems to have the same issue. You could indeed help me by sending an EMAIL with some info:

  • phone and memory size, Sailfish version
  • amount of memory card partitions in use
  • approx. amount of images for EACH folder you are scanning
  • output of crash when starting the app from Terminal with “harbour-timeline”
  • which settings work and which don’t

Please use my EMAIL as instructed in Settings / click Info symbol.

If you are willing to help even more, I would like to provide you some beta versions until we figure it out together. Hope to get in touch soon.


Great I send my details ASAP

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How can I start the app from Terminal with “harbour-timeline” ?
I seem not to find the correct call

oh I finally understood that the app actually is called timeline… I was the whole evening searching for imgorganizer…
When I start it go to settings click accept it crashes without parsing the sd card content and as output I only get:

exec “harbour-timeline”
[D] unknown:0 - Using Wayland-EGL
[D] unknown:0 - Got library name: “/usr/lib/qt5/qml/io/thp/pyotherside/libpyothersideplugin.so”

afterwards terminal crashes and I see no more messages, even ssh from linux gets resetted

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Just uploaded a new version of ImgOrganizer that brings in lots of improvements, bugfixes and new functions like editing EXIF metadata or parsing filenames for date-time where metadata is unavailable. Enjoy.


I just tested it and it looks awesome… this is the first time in 7 years that I can view the photos on my phone in the correct order !!!

This is my new Gallery app! (for pictures :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Thank you so much for the fast updates.