FOSDEM'24 Linux on Mobile stand

:star: :star2: FOSDEM’24 is happening in Brussels, 3-4 February :star: :star2:

Sailfish OS will once again be represented on the Linux on Mobile stand. We’ll be on the stand alongside PureOS, Ubuntu Touch, postmarketOS, Mobian, MNT Research, CalyxOS and Droidian.

Last year the stand was amazing: people everywhere trying out different devices, meeting old and new faces from the Sailfish OS community, explaining what Sailfish OS is to potential new users and getting to know people from the other projects.

This year we have more projects, but also a bit more space (two stands instead of one).

If anyone is attending and might be interested to help out on the stand to represent Sailfish OS, please say. It’d be great to have you.

There will also be a FOSS on Mobile Devices devroom. If you have an interesting Sailfish OS project, port or app this would be a great place to showcase it. Deadline for submissions is 8th December.


Where Maemo Leste though?

@flypig Ok, I booked a flight :slight_smile: Any one have suggestions for a good hotel?


Great that you’ll be there @poetaster! I’d say any hotel near the Grand Place should be fine. If I remember right, Bus 71 from the Europakruispunt is usually full of people heading to FOSDEM from hotels in the centre.