FOSDEM '23 community dinner

As previously mentioned by @flypig in the latest community newsletter, we will be very present at FOSDEM in Brussels this year with two talks and a shared stand with other Mobile Linux distros!

As usual we’ll have a SailfishOS community dinner on the Saturday evening. This time I thought we’d go somewhere Belgian, and I’ve had great frites at the Café Georgette every time I’ve been to Brussels before, so I’ve reserved a table for 25 people at 19h on 4th February for a ‘Soirée Voilier’. It’s at Greepstraat 37, really close to the Grand Place.

They’ve asked for orders in advance, so if you want to come along, please edit the same to take a slot below and make your choice from the menu here. I can’t stress how good their frites are, but they are twice fried in beef fat so not very vegetarian friendly. They offer rice or sauteed vegetables as an alternative, so if you want that then please indicate that with your menu choice.

The list has been sent. There’s a late cancellation so we have one space left, but maybe we’ll pick up another SFOS fan before the evening. Otherwise, see you all tomorrow night!

Number Person Food choice
1. abranson Entrecote
2. flypig Burger végétarien + sauteed vegetables
3. Alin (tentative)
5. JayBeRayBearGun Entrecode
6. JvD Burger au supreme de volaille
7. eetu Entrecote
8. rainemak Entrecote
9. @rubdos Entrecote
10. Sfiet_Konstantin Burger au supreme de volaille
11. locusf Entrecote
12. thigg Salade détox (sans gluten)
13. @cybette Filet mignon de bœuf
14. @cartron Welsh gratiné + Cornet de frites 350g
15. Fizzymidas Entrecote
16. alterego Burger au supreme de volaille
17. @oroesler Burger au confit de canard
18. @Louis Salade liégeoise, Coquelet 450gr rôti à la forestière, Cornet de frites, Lapin sauce
19. Daniel Plateau de fromages, Magret de canard 400gr + Roquefort sauce, Cornet de frites 350g
20. @thaodan Burger végétarien + sauteed vegetables
21. Lexis Burger végétarien
22. @ahappyhuman Entrecote
23. Bob Entrecote
24. @KuroNeko Burger Georgette
25. ljo Burger vegan + + sauteed vegetables

Fizzymidas Entrecote

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Please could I be added with Entrecote? Thanks!

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Hi there if there is a spot left I’d also like to attend. I’ll have an entrecote too. Looking forward to see you all again!

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