Forgetting contacts

Does anyone else experience contacts being “forgotten”?
This has bugged me for long time, it goes like this: I would notice that a friend’s number is shown when calling me (texting me) instead of the friend’s name. The friend’s contact actually exists, however it’s not linked to the number, it’s empty. I would then link it and everything will be fine until the next time it happens.
I couldn’t spot any pattern in the contacts for which it happens so far.
I suspect that it may has something to do with the force-restarts which I have to do when the network layer stalls and restart is the only thing that helps.
Any suggestions are welcome.
(fwiwi, device: xperia x)

Could it be that you have the same contacts twice in your list? Or the same phone number in multiple (probably similar) contacts? It happened to me too, but in a pre sailfish life.

O/T I have a different problem in which some fields like phone numbers get duplicated in the same contact. So I have contacts with like 100x the same phone number or address. Makes loading contact awful slow. Might be related to automatic backup and nextcloud. But I should open a different topic for that, sorry!

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Could it be that you have the same contacts twice in your list?

indeed, this is the case. when I see this, I try to link them all together, and it works at first, but some time later I see them split again

What do you mean by ‘linking’ them together?

TBH I do not really know what this linking does but it is not joining them together as a single contact.

More like described here

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For me this happens when Google contacts sync is acting up. Something goes wrong with the sync or maybe the system is in the middle of syncing, and some contacts disappear or maybe just some phone numbers from a contact.

Later the sync is successful and the phonenumber is returned and everything works again.

Sometimes it helps to delete the contacts database and let it resync. At the moment I’m having problems where that didn’t help. Contactsd and google-contacts processes where on high cpu all the time.

Changing contact sync to device only helped with that but it’s of course a poor permanet solution.

I have experienced the same problem. It appeared after I had to reset my phone to get 3.4 working. I thought it has been caused by some error loading the backup… Every now and then the contact list is almost empty and whatsapp does only show the numbers. Five minutes later everything is ok again.

this is interesting, thanks. However, I don’t use cloud services. the only thing i sync with is a caldav server, but I use only the calendar. And it hasn’t been working peoperly for some months now either, unfotunately.