Flightstat/flight tracker app or similar?


Somebody know if there is an app like flightstats or similar that I don’t need to run the web of flightstats from the phone?

I flight more that what I would like, and is usefull to get a native app more or less fast to track the flight for today.



Why not just use a website? What does an app do better?

Those websites are really suck slow on the browser we have. One of the reasons I would like to finally use the QML/OSM geoservice plugin is exactly this kind of use case. It’s much, much faster and consumes less resources. A ‘faux’ flight tracker is one of the demo apps among the original demos from QT. Maybe a good idea for the QT 5.15 stack on chum?


@attah as poetaster said, they are amaizingly slow in the sailfish os.

@poetaster My first idea is the basic one, to have only arrival time and departure (real and programmed) I’ve got too many project right now, but maybe I can search and investigate if there is no other app like that. (also, because the first problem is getting the data)

If somebody wishes to help, will be good received.

I would like to have flight simulation like x-plane on android support

I’d be happy to work on it. I’m also a bit busy at the moment, but in a week or two I could also snoop around.!

There’s OpenSky REST API — The OpenSky Network API 1.4.0 documentation which could be useful for a flight tracker (if you have a lagacy here maps key would be pretty trivial to display that on a map, without one … pain), but not sure about “arrival time and departure”, that’s something you’d need to pull from each and every airport, doubt there is one central source of arrival/delay times for every airport on earth
edit: actually there is GET /flights/arrival and GET /flights/departure so maybe could work

Yar. I had hoped that would have schedules, but they do not. But opensky does have aircraft data that would let you approximate that to realtime. Thanks!

Hmmm. Sharing ADS-B data with Add ADS-B coverage - The world's largest ADS-B network | Flightradar24 will get you a free business use license. That might be a way to go!

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Open Sky, I already take a look at that some weeks ago, the problem (At least for me) is that I don’t see how to search a flight by flight code (ex.: VY1234 or LH5432) I didn’t find any doc.

I don’t know about openflights too much. (Seems they provide a server for do that, right?)

Flightradar24, has any API?

I was looking also to the flightstats, But api spec is paid!

It relies on icao24 code and doesn’t seem to have a way to get the flight code from it, maybe Flight Tracker API (Flight Radar API): Get Real-time Flight Data API by AirLabs this api can be used to grab it (has 0$ tier with 1k limit)

Yes, I already took a look at airlabs. Seems it can be used to pick up full info of the flight:<key>&flight_iata=vy1812

I’ll take a look at Flightradar offers tracking hardware for free and a free business license if you contribute to the data. AND you can also contribute to opensky. So, I’ve applied. I live fairly close the Berlin Airport, although we don’t get that much overhead traffic. Let’s see. If they don’t send me the hardware, I can still set up my own and get access.

I’ve “accidentally” created one of these flight trackers when building my boiler controller a few years ago.* :grin:
All you need is a raspberry-pi (or clone) plus a £15 SDR dongle.

*After entering the wrong frequency range I’ve been surprised by the decoding software suddenly spewing out plane speeds and positions instead of my sensor data.

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So now your boiler contributes to the opensky initiative. That’s what I call automation!

I had thought about building one, but they’ll send you enough cable (antenna on the roof, 15+ meters) so, if I qualify, what the heck!


This afternoon I loose a little bit of time with qml, and javascript… and I’ve got this: (data requested to airlabs)

And I think there is enough information on one request of airlabs to have a fist MVP with good information.

I hope you like it, next week I don’t expect to have time to work on it. (I will like to have a list of favorites and similar stuff)


hi everybody,

The project is here available: Jaume / Flight Tracker Slx · GitLab

Feel free to propose features or colaborate on it. Currently you can configurate the api-key of airlabs and request data of a flight, you need the full flight code. Also it saves the last two flight codes.

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You could try to use

for the UI :wink:

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Evil, but, if as I, you grew up flying in the 1970s and 1980s, that interface really does bring back memories. Ah, getting lost on my first arrival, solo, age 13 in Frankfurt …

How did you manage to land on your designated runway after that?