Gallery App User Interface improvements

In the Gallery App, as far as I can tell, the only possibility to browse the database is by scrolling. It would be nice to have the possibility to jump to a certain date such that you don’t have to go through the complete heap if you want to look at older pictures.


Agree, traditional flick scrolling is not sufficient when navigating hundreds or thousands of items like in Email and Gallery. If you have a lot of photos finding an old photo can be prohibitively slow. Current quick scroll only allows jumping to the very beginning or end of a list/grid, you need a way to jump between days, weeks, months and years quickly. We did alphabetic scrollbar for People app last year, and have been discussing developing scrollbars also for other apps.


Nextcloud photos are displayed as folders. Pictures on the phone (and SD) are put together into one “stream”. But it would be nice to get the option to display pictures on the phone also in a folder view. Simple Gallery Pro ( - yes, that’s android) might be worth a look for some design feature impressions, or the Pictures/Photos app of Windows 10 Mobile.


(posted as a gentle reminder) see the discussion in one of the issues on tjc that got one of the highest number of likes but was never implemented:


Yeah album support for Gallery would be important feature also.


A date scrollbar can fix the issue. Years and expand to months of the chosen year when tapped. For days scroll is enough i think so i don’t see a need for that.

We did alphabetic scrollbar for People app last year
have been discussing developing scrollbars also for other apps.

One clarification: would not necessarily make Gallery scrollbar visible initially (like we do in People), but like quick scroll buttons fade extra controls in when the view is scrolled.


Beside the gallery please put also these fading extra control into the browsers site view (so one see/control where to scroll on a site) as it is implemented for the open tabs view!
Or should I open a new feature request for this?

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Yeah browser scrollbar would be cool. Please file a separate feature request. Open tabs view and Gallery app use Qt Quick, websites are rendered with Gecko engine so the scrollbar implementations needed there are different.


At the moment the only possible action when you multi-select items at a top level inside the Gallery is to delete. Adding share would be very useful; it is quite painful to individually share items one-by-one