Fails to update: fresh XA2 device stuck with Suomenlinna

After a completely fresh install on an XA2, I’m trying to update sailfish, but it says “Up to date” and is stuck with Suomenlinna (,

Perhaps by consequence (but I don’t know), it is also not possible to install Fdroid from the jolla store.

Not sure if related, the device is registered to an account that has a free voucher code, but it never asked me for the voucher.

A complete reflash can help often.

What do you mean?

Updates from the GUI is one of the licensed features.
As is Android app support… which should have tipped you off that it is probably unlicensed currently.
…but there is never any code entering.

Any voucher you have must be for the license shop.

yes, I did that, but the current state is after the reflash …

Ah that might be it, I’ll let you know if it worked.

OK, so it really was still unregistered!

Maybe it might be a god idea if sailfish would inform the user about this, rather than just failing …

But I am happy that it works.

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I just opened a ticket about this; it really should be visible. The more likes it has, the faster it’s picked up :wink:

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Thanks for the info and for creating the ticket about this @direc85. I’ll close this thread so that any future discussion goes to the bug report. If you think this is a mistake, please message me privately so I can undo it.