Fahrplan thread

I just noticed that the 2.0.44 version isn’t live in chum yet :slight_smile: You may still have 2.0.43.

You’re welcome and thank you developer! You are right, I tested with 2.0.43-1. I will test the latest version this evening. Whether from OpenRepos or Chum :slight_smile:
Let me give some examples of Dutch public transport. In what way would you like me to share this information with you?

Perhaps this is a nice complicated example?


Just checked that one with 2.0.44 - works perfectly! Same goes for my standard trips at home - the overview now shows the same time as 9292.nl does. :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks! I noted there is still an issue in the very top left of the display. But that’s not so important since the correct times show where you need them and the summary (detail view) is not a biggy. But, I’m making a ticket for that :slight_smile:

The about-page from 2.0.44-1:
First line shows Version 2.0.43-1.

It’s 2.0.44-1 will be fixed the next release.

Announcing 2.0.45-1 which fixes an issue with delay data from the Austrian oebb backend. Thanks to smatkovi · GitHub @smatkovi

Coming to obs/chum and openrepos now.


Announcing 2.0.46-1 which fixes 9292 calendar export issues. #28 and #31 tickets on github. It’s up on openrepos and coming to chum, soon.


Now that the 49€ ticket is actually approaching introduction in Germany (at, well, he new Deutschland-Geschwindigkeit): could you imagine, depending on the design of the ticket, building a function that allows you to store the ticket inside the app?
To be honest, I would find that generally practical: to store the PDF generated for booked connections from bahn.de (I do not know how it is in other countries) in the app. Similar to the DB Navigator, which you should avoid for privacy reasons and because it’s not as beautiful as Fahrplan :wink:

Nope :slight_smile: It’s not really in the scope of the app to add a pdf viewer.

Have you tried storing/viewing dbahn pdfs with the sfos viewer? I’ve used it in the past and just had to zoom to the QR code part (I think) to use it live. One thing one could also think about is using @slava s CodeReader to scan the QR code and save it. Although I’m not sure that’s sufficient for the bahn. hmmm.

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I had already suspected, but I wanted to ask at least :wink:

(You should always log out before you hand over your phone…)