Export contacts from broken phone

I broke the display of my Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra, for 3rd time and this time I’m not gonna replace the display. I’m planning to another Sailfish X device. Unfortunately, I have not backed up my contacts. Is there any way to back up the contacts from existing Sailfish device remotely? I do have a memory card and nextcloud account. So I’m fine with backing up to either of these 2 options or local storage.

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Can you ssh to the device via usb or wlan?
If that is possible you can rsync the db files or even the whole nemo home directory off the phone.

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ssh would be needed, yes.
I do hope you set it up?

Then if you are only interested in the contacts, see here:

else follow juiceme and rsync whole nemo directory.

If ssh not possibke then you need the ‘hard way’ with recovery shell:


I do have the SSH set up in my phone. But I don’t remember the IP address. If any of you can give the IP address of your phone as a sample I can try with random IP Addresses. :pleading_face:

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If you have access to your wifi router you can get the device IP there ?!?

Or use nmap from an other device / PC to scan for connected devices in your network?!?

Or on phone open Terminal and run “ifconfig” and search for wlan0 IP. But with broken display the first approach is the one to go.

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Thanks so much for all of your suggestions. I tried my best to connect to my broken phone via SSH but to no avail. Fortunately I had turned on two-way sync in nextcloud settings. So, when I started setting up my nextcloud account in my new phone, I was super surprised to see the contacts there already. Again thanks everyone for your time in suggesting me. I could feel, how important is the cloud integration to the OS.

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