eSIM and Sailfish OS

Two built-in eSIM capable (and single physical SIM) devices will be usable with Sailfish OS pretty soon:

  • Xperia 10 IV SIM+uSD+eSIM (XQ-CC54)
  • Xperia 10 V SIM+uSD+eSIM (XQ-DC54)

Does anyone know what are the plans of Jollyboys about the implementation of eSIM within Sailfish OS?

Let’s take the simplest use case - when traveling outside EU in far-away lands, usually the cheapest and fastest way to get local data and voice services is to use eSIM. And that would need support from Sailfish OS, e.g. to point all those services to eSIM.

Of course one can always use service like or 5ber, but that needs an Android device for initial configuration (since the eSIM is physically removable, this approach has privacy benefits). Since said two devices have single physical SIM slot, then these “removable eSIM-card” services are somewhat less usable for them.


I have asked for eSIM support in one of the community meetings, a few weeks back; it needs quite a bit of work on SFOS side. The main reason for my question is that I am using a dual SIM 10 III now and if eSIM is not supported, I need to source the asian version of 10 IV/V in order to have 2 physical SIMs. Given the recent announcements I will wait for the release to clarify if versions 10V XQ-DC72 or 10IV XQ-CC72 are supported. If not I will need to stick to my 10 III for the mid-term future.



Is there any news about this ?

Anyone in Jolla can help to confirm if esim (thus proper dual sim) will be supported or not ?
Dual SIM (or sim + esim) is critical for my usage.



Esim support seems to be planned: see configs: Disable second SIM slot in AppSupport by mlehtima · Pull Request #9 · mer-hybris/droid-config-sony-zambezi · GitHub

Then it will come soon…


Cool thanks for finding this.
Hopefully it’ll actually come with a realistic timeframe.


Don’t want to sound pessimistic here, reading the pull request comments, it seems that this turns off the 2nd SIM slot because the eSIM is not supported with a reminder to turn it back on when it will be. This effectively disables the 2nd SIM and acknowledges the fact the eSIM needs more work. It doesn’t specify when / if the 2nd SIM will be enabled.

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Fully agree, I do not think this is coming very soon, only soon :smiley:


Since I’m travelling in US often enough, looking forward to eSIM. This will be my reason to switch from X10III → V.

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Why would a 10 V be an advantage over a 10 iii? Both should support eSIM when the functionality is delivered (ie. never)

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I didn’t knew that 10 III has eSIM. Mine for sure hasn’t.

Mine neither and according to Sony documentation Xperia 10 III (XQ-BT52) doesn’t support e-sim

My bad, sorry (20 characters)

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