Enable custom info to show on a locked phone besides the clock

Examples are items which must be checked very quickly, such as the timer or the stopwatch.


Another thing I would like to put there is an emergency contact. If my phone gets lost, whoever finds it can write an e-mail to the specified address. Just showing a simple configurable text string would be sufficient for this purpose.


This has, it seems, been asked for many times before … including by me ICE (In Case Of Emergency) field on lock screen.

The first request for this dated back to 2014 (Feature-request: Lock-code option with ICE function - together.jolla.com), 7 years ago now - so I wouldn’t hold my breath!


For this you may check whether ancelad’s patch 'devicelock faith text’s still works on SFOS4
(but I am afraid not :frowning: as confirmed by Steve below)

Another forum user tried this patch on SFOS4 in the above thread on this and it didn’t work anymore.


Sailfish developers: I collected 5 votes in no time for a feature requested 7 years ago. I think it’s now your turn to comment.

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Good one … :rofl:

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