Dual sim network / phonecall splitting? does this work?

HW: Sony-Xperia-10-i4113-Silver

This dual-sim device has two sim cards installed. One is configured and selected for phone calls and
SMS and the second sim card is used for data/internet connection (mobile data). In fact because of roaming the first sim card can not even work for mobile data.

The problem: When I get a phone call (sim1) the mobile data channel (sim2) does not work for the time of the call (mobile data in the top bar disappears).

I assumed that this would work without issues (parallel usage).

So, does this actually work? Any experiences?

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Most of the phones have only one modem even with two SIM slots. Those modems just switch between both SIMs, i.e. only one is active at a given time. While in a call the modem is bound to the SIM that received the call, i.e. the other SIM needs stay passive until the call terminates. So unless you have a phone with two modems you cannot use both SIMs concurrently

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Yes. Even you may (and nowadays always will) have a dual SIM in standby -meaning you can receive calls on both cards- you cannot use bith SIMs simultaneously.

Okay, thanks. This makes absolutely sense and disappoints me at the same time. My scenario feels so common, especially when traveling. I don’t dare to ask; is there a phone on the market that provide two modems?

I would bet, that none of the (officially) supported Sailfish phones comes with a dual modem.