Does Jolla support reply?

Im new to Sailfish OS. I bought used xa2 to try Sailfish X. After several days of use, I decided to purchase a license. I politely asked about the discount on jolla@zendesk but ticket remains open for two weeks with no response.
This discount is not as important as the fact that there is no support. This is disturbing. Do you have a similar impression?

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I simply paid my licenses without asking for discount. But I guess a support request from a user who is not even entitled to support might not make it on top of the queue.
The OS is alive, supported and I personally can recommend it as a daily driver.
There is a community that will help you with most issues.


I have received timely answers to my help requests - after I purchased a license.

What discount?


I mailed them because of a GPS problem with one of my devices. They answered back, but it took some time. I am happy with the support. I think that the price of the license is more than fair.


Thank you for your answers.
Probably indeed the non-commercial customer is at the end of the queue. I’ll wait a while.

@ohnonot : I did not precise
@WT.Sane : The OS is alive,
“I don’t believe in news that has not been denied”
I’m sorry for this association but this quote kind of fits this situation :slight_smile:

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To be honest, if I ran a company and some random person I’ve never done business with or even seen before sends me an email asking for a discount on the only thing I sell, I wouldn’t even reply at all, but that’s basically what @WT.Sane already wrote.

Jolla occasionally gives temporary discounts for new ports, though. For example, I think the Xperia 10 II’s license was half-price for the first couple of days. Or maybe that was only for existing customers who had already bought something from Jolla in the past? Either way, I suppose whatever the next port is will also have a temporary discount for early adopters.


I thought OP was refering to some specific discount offer.

I’ll say this, in some cultures it’s normal to ask for a discount as a matter of course. Certainly not with this company though.

Just pay the full license.


I think asking discount is not a support issue.


The user/phone’s lifetime license is not expensive for the work that is done.
Jolla is not a non-profit company but neither a yes-profit one. Till yet, just afloat.
So, the money put into that license is surely not an abuse. It just goes into work and hard clearing branches against the current.

I also generally don’t deal with people asking for special prices as first question.

Perhaps, simply asking if the Zendesk is alive and if they will assist you in case of problem would be simpler.


Please reread my message to verify if the meaning is still ok for being “Solution” checked.
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My apologies.

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Yep, that’s what I guessed

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