Do not open keyboard when tap edit on People app [regression to 3.2.1]


Usually when you edit contact you do this to add some detail for example birthday or email address.

Open People app → Tap on contact to see details → Choose Edit from pulley menu

When you do that keyboard is open and cursor is in Name field.
Usually people wants to add some details not change name, open keyboard covers fields you want to add.
It will be easier to add some detail if edit site will open with closed keyboard.

@jpetrell @Martin consider this change please.


Is this a regression?

As I am still stuck with 3.2.1 I did not notice this.
And on 3.2.1 editing people details does not open the keyboard automatically!

So it’s a regresion. I have the newest OS release.

Should we move to bug reports then?

yeah, i will move it

Thanks for the report. Filed an internal bug. :+1:

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