Deactivate Encryption and Pincode


is it possible to deactivate encryption and pincode ?

I dont need that.

Sony Xperia 10 Sailfish OS 4.


Or you would need to flash back with SFOS <=3.2 (not sure if X.10 was supported already? for all X/XA2 this will work) and upgrade via OTA. Only then you might choose not to enable encryption.
Encryption was made obligatory when flashing since 3.3.

But where is the problem?
This is no feature one needs or selects. If the data is encrypted or not does not affect your usage pattern.

Well, it’s obviously an overhead. Although on Xperia 10 it’s hardly noticeable. Sandboxing is significantly worse in that respect, and that one is much harder to get rid of.

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There was a threat in this forum how to deactivate ecryption after first start. I suggest using the search function


ive searched the forum, but there wasnt any result how to deactivate it. :flushed:

I dont want to type the pin every time, i want to take the phone an see whats going on.

Do I understand you right and you are mainly concerned about the devicelock and entering the PIN (or fingerprint!) after having the screen timed out or you locked your phone with power-button press?

Then it is easy:
Settings - Device lock - Automatic locking
and set it to ‘Not in use’.
Now you will not get asked for your PIN when taking the phone and have a look.
But also everybody else…

I propose to use the 60min.
For me it was also too less and I tweaked a bit and added another option of 240min (maybe worth a patch at some time?).

While this is not a problem, just a curiosity, I had the chance to test a new xa2, freshly flashed with 3.4, side by side with my identical daily driver with two years of service and many apps. Well, to my surprise my daily driver was faster, not a big deal, like half to one second less to open an app, but it felt snappier. I could only think it was due to encryption…

The partition apps are installed on is not encrypted. So unless the apps you are comparing read large amounts of data from the home partition encryption should not make a noticeable difference.


Yes this is it. I need my Phone for business and there is no time for doing this. :wink:

Well, my guess was not an educated one :slight_smile: Now, this is a bit off topic, but what could be the reason for it then? I tested only on stock apps…