Data counters not working for SIM

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HARDWARE: Sony Xperia 10 III - xqbt52 - xqbt52 - - aarch64
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The data counters for SIM1 don’t appear to work, all values show zero. The counters do work for WLAN.



  1. Use mobile internet for an hour or so
  2. Go to Settings > System > Data counters
  3. SIM1 shows 0 bytes for all fields


I want to be able to estimate how much of my data bundle I used up.


No way to tell because all values are stuck at zero.


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I’ve been using the phone and mobile data for months now, so it appears it has never worked to begin with, while wlan counters have been working (it says received hundreds of gb).
Device Owner User: defaultuser
Home Encryption: enabled

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Hmm, the counters work for me, try clearing the counters.
(EDIT: Using a 10 III with

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Counter does also not work and shows 0 on Volla, but does work on Xperia 10. Both SFOS
Maybe a 64 bit problem?

For me the counter does work correctly for SIM1 on the 10 III. But it is of little use without the possibility to set a date of automatic restart. If I forget to manually clear it when new monthly data transfer limit begins (which happens to be on the 13th day of month), or at least check it and remember its value shortly before that, then obviously it no longer tells me anything about my current limit usage.

On BlackBerry 10 there was both a date of automatic restart and a limit in GB to set. Exceeding that limit (or some configured part of it like e.g. 80%) was triggering a warning.

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A few tricks you could try…

  • use the phone without a SIM card for a while
  • use a different SIM card for a while
  • try SIM slot 2 for a while
  • reset mobile data in Sailfish Utilities in Settings (available in Store)

The data counter with the usual settings also does not work for me.
I mentioned this earlier here.

Does the hotspot work for you?
In my case, the data counter not counting issue is just a side effect of a fundamental mobile data issue, depending on which mobile network operator (MNO) you’re using.
I created a bug report for it here.
Maybe you have a similar problem.

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It may be worth to start jolla-settings from the terminal and report the output.