Cyclists here? Will SRAM AXS work in Alien Dalvik?

The SRAM AXS app (Android) can be wireless connected to your bicycle components to configure them.

However, this requires a working bluetooth connection. In the past, bluetooth did not work for Alien Dalvik, but what about newer SFOS generations like Xperia 10 III?

Did anybody test this app with success?

I am a cyclist with a Specialized ebike and I can say that I cannot connect (bluetooth) my bike to my Xperia 10II (Specialized Mission Control app).

The only thing you can do is try to add/connect, you’ll soon find out.

No; you can just know that Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi-management and VPN Android apps simply will not work, as those things are part of the underlying OS. Delegating control over them to the Android runtime in a way that appears somewhat complete would be hard if not impossible.

This limitation has always been there, and i don’t see it changing substantially.
(Well, NFC should be toggle-able, but it probably is not prioritized)

I think this is the primary thread for this question: Bluetooth Support in Android