CSD tool info and usage

reference? I saw a reference: You can launch it in command line ( `csd` ) or by tapping several times (five?) on the Build entry in “Settings/About Product” But, what is it!!!?

It’s exactly this tool I’m speaking about.

Yeah, I know. But what is it?!!!

[root@VollaPhone defaultuser]# csd --help
[root@VollaPhone defaultuser]# man csd
bash: man: not found

I’d like to know what it is and how it works before I run it :wink:

It’s a great tool to test a lot of things. Just open it, you’ll see :wink:

I’m such a man page junky. It’s one of the things that bothers me about sfos.

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Also use the phone and dial #*#*310*#*# to open the CSD tool.

Mostly hardware tests.

EDIT: One :three: to many.


It can show for example the power consumers :slight_smile: