Covpass - Vaccination status App?

Actually I had to show the vaccination certificate against measles for my children to access school in Germany two years ago.

I would consider the name and birth date as a pretty unique identifier

that’s ok imho, usually 1 person with measles infects 16 others on avarage, usually one child the whole school. Death rate is up to 5%. That’s something else compared to a common corona cold that started dangerous but ended as a farce and crime now.
As if a stupid politician who knows nothing bout nothing could tell us what to do. The (self)god given rights of holy emperors are over since hundreds of years. Politicians are so useful than foot fungus, that’s what they know but do not want the masses to know.
Kaiser Friedrich already stated in the 11th century that it is by any means uttermost important to keep the sheeps/citizens dumb and only lie to them. Always. Nothing has changed, even Aristoteles thought the same. Authorities always lie. They want our money, not our health.

Hi all,

The Dutch government has the app CoronaCheck where you can generate your certificate. For this you need to log in with the Digid app. This works fine thankfully using codes and QR scan for logging in via my laptop etc.

However to generate my cert I need to login to my Digid. The problem is this brings up the Browser and digid login via the web. I cannot complete the log in process as it requires a QR code to be scanned. How to I make the app bring up the DigiD app itself to log in ?

Any other Dutch SFOS users have this issue ?

Edit: The prompt from the app pulls up

Edit 2: Sorry for the extra edits. But I was just able to generate the QR code via the website and save it to my phone. So no real issue, solved. I can now travel :slight_smile:

Not an answer to your question, but you can just download a PDF with the QR-code via CoronaCheck Print Portaal. Put the pdf(s) or your mobile, and just show them using the Document viewer. Works fine, no app needed. If you’re vaccinated the code is valid for one year after vaccination, so (hopefully) it’s a one-time-hassle.


Do you actually believe what kind of nonsense you are spreading here? If you have a problem with software that just reads a QR code and shows it along with your name, then just don’t install it.

Digital footprints that you leave here in the forum with your browser will have worse consequences for you than using Covpass. Your political opinions have nothing to do with the question of the TO. Better to contribute something to the topic.


Dear, did you reply to me? Because it does not fit and is an argumentum ad personem.

Please try to be civil, leave out politics and stay on topic, thanks. I’m setting this topic to slow mode now, just in case.


no, he just is a victim of propaganda. Medical doc beats whoever 4carlos is. I’ve been teaching immunology for more then 20 years now to students. All collegues who tell the official version get paid, some refuse. Just look at pubmed at all the recent studies and not the news.

@apozaf : Do you refer to

or to ?

but you need to know what to search for.
Dr. Yeadon or Prof. Haditsch are good sources…
Even Prof. Allerberger, boss of the AGES has always been correct. His future successor Dr. Benka is again a puppet, he studied with me and never was a critical guy (sorry Bernhard :wink: )
After 500 days it is enough and everything is so like many have always said. Slowly but sooner than later they cannot hide it any more.

It’s money and more money and we SFOS users should know that our data is what they want, not our health.
Andrea, unsubscribe yourself from ELGA. You cannot unsubscribe from the vax thing but ELGA has all your medical data and they plan selling it

we would need to hack their encryption


and OT:
I was asking for private health insurance and was asked by the lady there for a statement of agreement so they can access my health data from public health insurance. (I denied and went home)

peanuts compared to Pfizer. Mindblowing!

I am sorry for beeing inpolite but I do not believe a single word you say.

That maybe because I am one of T.H.E.M. or a mindless minion of the $SomeConspiracy.

Guys, this discussion is seriously heading towards paranoid blabla.


you can believe whatever you want. As long as I can, too. Just: Until 2020 science was nothing to believe in.
My body, my property, my money, my choice.

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We should stop discussing OT here. In science there are facts, there are conclusions and there are opinions. Facts should be checked, conclusions should be analysed and an opinion you may follow or not … Just saying someone is wrong simply is - ok, let’s say - childish. This discussion over here is fruitless and it is the wrong place (In a different style and a different forum such discussion may be helpful, though)


If you need the green Covid Pass QR code on your phone, the Swiss Covid Certificate app works fine (the application is open source and works with EU certificates despite the description saying it’s limited to Switzerland).

The certification section of Tous Anti-COVID (France) works fine offline. The Bluetooth bit fails gracefully.
The Verif(y) app probably phones home. It will verify/invalidate whilst offline but requires a connection upon startup. It doesn’t ask for your business information but probably uses IP-based location. Both seem quality software IMHO.
The QR code contains your name and DoB, your last vaccination date and probably how many jabs you had and vaccine type.

Since the user app doesn’t need to phone home, a screenshot will save you starting up Dalvik. Paper is apparently also fine at the moment.

This is what I do. And carry my who passport.