Contact transfer to a simcard

Hi all,
I use my XA2 as a backup phone without any simcard. However, once I put the simcard in and it transferred all contacts into the phone and deleted it from the simcard. Is there a way how to transfer the contacts back onto the simcard? Cheers

I do not think they are deleted.
There is a setting - apps - people
where you can set to show SIM contacts even they are not imported. Maybe this setting is not enabled?

SFOS does not have write access to the SIM card contacts. So they cannot be deleted nor modified/inserted/added.
For that purpose you need a so called “dumb phone” :roll_eyes:

Thanks for your prompt reply. The contacts got downloaded into the phone XA2 from the simcard and once I removed the simcard and put it back into my Blackberry all contacts were gone. The simcard in now blank.
edit: Do you know how to transfer contacts from the phone into the simcard??

Please check above mentioned setting?!
Did you actively imported them from SIM to people app?

Still I do belive that SFOS deleted them.
I just tried once more and I still see contacts on my SIM which I also have in phonebook.

To get them back you would need to export contacts from SFOS into a vcf file, transfer to a dumb phone (or some Android might do it also, e.g. Samsung) and import to SIM, where this might require you to import to that phone beforehand.

I just inserted the simcard into the phone. No import or anything or I don’t recall doing it. It’s a bit of a disappointment that transferring contacts on Sailfish OS is so problematic. An app could help but it should be part of the system. Any info how to create the vcf file?? Cheers!

open people app - pulley menu, select contacts - pulley menu, select all - button share on bottom right - …
easiest is mail or bluetooth

Thanks mate, will do it!!