Community OBS - Refurbished and re-floated

I can see the following points at least:

  • reducing risk up upgrade failures caused by third-party repos (OpenRepos), because:
    • of per-release repos and builds on OBS/chum
    • less breakage with compatability changes
    • less “aging” of unmaintained repos because of auto-rebuild
  • speeding up adoption of new architecture (see the whole “app not available on aarch64” topic)
  • low barrier to entry for new developers: while OBS and all that goes with it is not easy to learn, collaborative building development can be helpful to app developers compared to development and building locally using SDK
  • low barrier to entry for picking up and maintaining abandoned apps (because they are quick to get built, and through community repos such as the chum github community can achieve more reliable maintainership)
  • increased quality of .specs/dependencies because of differences in OBS and SDK build environments

I’d add:

  • a future mechanism for signing packages?
  • leverage existing libraries
  • a future automated auditing (for a catalog of vulns)?
  • ease of use when upgrading (just one repo to disable/enable)

Just a couple of quick ideas.