Community Meetup in Austria: Save the Date: 8 Oct 2022!

I think it would be fun, but I hope there won’t be only old people there ^^

i am from carinthia with klimaticket …

There are direct Night Train from Zurich to Vienna, so I’ll try to take part too :slight_smile:

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Right, I guess interest has been gauged to a satisfactory level, let’s do it then!


How about Sat. Oct. 08 (that is 2022-10-08 in ISO) just to throw something out there.

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I’m in! who takes care of the programme?

Quite busy, but will attend if possible. (Wien)

Anyone in Vienna who could set up a place (and time)? I don’t have local knowledge as I don’t live there.

I asked the metalab if someone with a key has time to let us meet there


Great, thank you so much!

So we are talking about Sat. Oct 08. as the date, right?



I have updated the title.

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From 15:00 there will be a member from the metalab with a key. He can give us a tour and has interest in our os. Is that fine for everyone?


That is so cool! Thanks very much.

So we have a date, a time, a place.
Now all we need is people and things to do. :smiley:

We could develo together an Oktoberfest app

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What should the app do? Although i don’t think developing an app should be the focus, but I’m open for it.

This was only a joke, i dont think we should either. Maybe there are some things talked about in the german topic that can be reviewed.

Show the OS to the metalab folks.

Answer questions others might have on development, I have some.

Drinking and talking is also good.

If someone has a Volla phone I’d love to see how the OS runs on it (or other forks).

By the way if someone has graphical design skills we could have an artwork for the event, the first Austrian meetup. I can only do memes…

Please think twice if you want to change the date, I got a plane ticket 7-9 Oct :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Vienna seems so near for the joy of meeting SFOS community in real life;)


Where do you people stay in Vienna?

I’ll book some kind of Hotel or AirBnB.

Airbnb is not allowed in this communist socialist country (where I live btw) :wink:

Is that in Vienna? Because I have frequently booked things in .AT via AirBnB.