Community Meetup in Austria: Save the Date: 8 Oct 2022!

From 15:00 there will be a member from the metalab with a key. He can give us a tour and has interest in our os. Is that fine for everyone?


That is so cool! Thanks very much.

So we have a date, a time, a place.
Now all we need is people and things to do. :smiley:

We could develo together an Oktoberfest app

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What should the app do? Although i don’t think developing an app should be the focus, but I’m open for it.

This was only a joke, i dont think we should either. Maybe there are some things talked about in the german topic that can be reviewed.

Show the OS to the metalab folks.

Answer questions others might have on development, I have some.

Drinking and talking is also good.

If someone has a Volla phone I’d love to see how the OS runs on it (or other forks).

By the way if someone has graphical design skills we could have an artwork for the event, the first Austrian meetup. I can only do memes…

Please think twice if you want to change the date, I got a plane ticket 7-9 Oct :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Vienna seems so near for the joy of meeting SFOS community in real life;)


Where do you people stay in Vienna?

I’ll book some kind of Hotel or AirBnB.

Airbnb is not allowed in this communist socialist country (where I live btw) :wink:

Is that in Vienna? Because I have frequently booked things in .AT via AirBnB.

yes. it is complicated. airbnb was made illegal in AT in 2016. Iirc 2018 they gave you the option to completely rededicate your flat to a holyday only flat (with all fees and charges) but you are not allowed to live in it, not even a day. That’s not how airbnb works usually but you can enlist a holiday appartment in airbnb that way. and get taxed af of course.
Where would we be if you can decide with your property including your body to do whatever you want :smiley:

Looks like we have one important point for the Agenda:

The “Founding Cooperative” efforts plan to have some official proceedings (such as document signing) happening at this Meeting.

[1] #sailfishos-meeting: Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration -- 15th September 2022
[2] Interest to create a cooperative - #63 by jojo


Speaking of Agenda points, I see myself as the organisation only in the sense that I raised the possibility and decided on a date and place (in a way).

Having very little experience with things like this, I trust some of you bring ideas for things to do.

The plan in my head so far is:

  • Afternoon (@Metalab)
    • arrive at metalab
    • tour of metalab
    • decide on and make reservations for venue for evening program
    • talks and things happening
  • Evening (@some other venue)
    • more talks and things happening
    • food, beer
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I’m counting on this since I’ve begun writing grant applications in the name of the Sailmates Verein!

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Just booked my train and hotel. :relaxed:

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I wasn’t planning doing it there but that’s a possibility. To do so I would need to fill this document with everyone seeking to be a founding member information beforehand. Print it, and bring it at the meeting for signing. And then send it all (signed doc + statutes) to the central police station.

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Let me know if you have enough ‘founding members’. I’d prefer not to be a long distance member, but if need be …, let me know.

Servus, here is the translated (and official) statute of the association:

Please only comment instead of changing the text directly.

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I think the ‘other venue’ in the evening is the hard part. Maybe we can create a spyware-free poll somewhere? I would argue that we need to decide on 1)Budget class 2)Kind of venue (restaurant, bar, café or whatever) and maybe provide some 4-5 tips so we can vote. It might also be wise to look at the weather to be able to ascertain if we can be outside for a while.

Close to that area there is a Mc Donalds, Kebab, Intersparr Am Schottentor (supermarket + restaurant). Plus usually at the town-hall there is some food event happening (this week there are some food barracks).

Bar related there is the Charlie Ps (cheaper and bigger than most - compared to other bars in Vienna). It’s getting pretty cold here so i wouldn’t recommend outside.

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