Community meeting on IRC 25th Feb 2021

Schedule: Thursday 25th Feb 2021 at 08:00am UTC (Check here for your local time)

Topic proposals for the meeting:

  • add your name/nick using the template below to suggest a topic.
  • indicate how much time you will need for the topic so we can time-box the meeting accordingly
  • please be as thorough as you can with your question/topic
  • if you can’t make the meeting please ask and then name a substitute who can in your place.

It is expected that you show up and present your topic, or name a substitute and make sure they attend in your absence. These IRC meetings are for real time participation and live discussions, otherwise you can post the topic on here and get responses that way.

We need you to be present to clarify details in the topic, and to ensure the discussion is leading to the answers you are looking for! If you do not participate or your question/topic isn’t clear enough it will be postponed. Also: Always ask for more time than you anticipate your topics needs!

Please try and have your topics ready at least 3 days before the meeting. This will help us have answers ready beforehand to save time. Topics announced afterwards will be postponed to the next meeting.

Template for topic proposal: (post your topic proposals as comments to this forum topic)

  • Name / IRC nick:
  • topic:
  • some details about the topic:
  • approx time needed:
  • optional: name of substitute if you cannot make it to the upcoming meeting (and inform your substitute!)
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First posted by @Zyuc2G.

  • Name / IRC nick: Zyuc2G
  • Topic: Packages are being upgraded to versions that are licensed under the GPLv3. Has Jolla/SailfishOS resolved the licensing issues with GPLv3?
  • Some details about the topic:
    • Recently SailfishOS appears to have added GPLv3 licensed applications including BASH 5, and grep 3.6
    • Has Jolla/SailfishOS resolved the licensing issues with the GPLv3?
  • Approx time needed: 5-10mins.
  • Optional: I’ll try be there, but there should be enough information above.


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  • Name / IRC nick: bionade24
  • topic: Plan of VoLTE
  • some details about the topic: Lots of providers in countries all over the world are deactivating their 3G networks this year. Some providers in the USA even disable both 2G and 3G, breaking the call function on current SFOS versions. What is the plan for VoLTE on Jolla, since you have to support it anyway once Rostelecom (which is a shareholder of Jolla) takes down der 2G and 3G network.
  • approx time needed: 5 min
  • Name: KeeperoftheKeys
  • Topic: Qt on SFOS moving forward
  • Details: Discussion in this topic: What version of Qt are we on?
    As mentioned in the topic we seem to be somewhere in limbo between Qt 5.2 and Qt 5.6 neither of which have been supported for the past year and a half, newer versions of Qt bring lots of features developers are jumping to use beyond the very important aspect of securiy patches.
  • Approx time needed: 10-15 minutes
  • Optional: I don’t know if I can make it but I think the points have been made.
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  • Name / IRC nick: thigg
  • topic: How to change playback speed of media files without changing the pitch
  • some details about the topic: This is a blocker of multiple apps (gpodder, talefish, podqast) for some while now and nobody found a usable solution (asides from using QT5.12 features). Are there plans to do something about that? Does anyone have a workaround in mind? As far as I understand this, it could be done by modifying the pulseaudio pipeline.
  • approx time needed: 10min
  • optional: Keeper-of-the-Keys, anyone, feel free to discuss without me if I dont make it to the meeting

Minutes (text):