Claiming warranty on Xperia 10, should I reflash Android, lock the bootloader?

My fingerprint reader is not working, the touchscreen randomly stops registering input, I need to get it repaired. (Overall the build quality seems worse than with Xperia X)
Should I reflash the phone or do anything else to avoid possible complaints?

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I don’t know their policy in detail, but I noticed that when you go through bootloader unlock docs, it says that it “may” void your warranty. So, maybe being “open”, they still will honor it, even if you have done that, but in general it’s always seemed like the more reason you give to make them think it was your fault, the worse off you are… So, it might be a good idea to make it as stock as possible…

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Reflash the phone anyways, just in case. They can always see that you unlocked it though.

1 Like with the display. Bending backwards helps

Thank you for the replys, I will try to flash it then. Is it simpler to use that Windows EMMA tool or some Linux CLI command? I have neither installed currently (nor any drivers if that is still necessary).
Also is there a command to lock the bootloader or will the message go away once Android is installed?

Suggest that you use Emma as will avoid driver issues, although unfortunately currently no way of locking the bootloader so message will always be there upon boot.


Oh really? The phone literally says “Please lock the bootloader”

Don’t know about X10, but it has been possible on previous Xperias to re-lock bl. Maybe search around xda, etc…
I’ve done it with Androxyde Flashtool, but on older phones.

I wish you good luck, I have 3 X 10 and all have those issues. I really doubt there are flawless devices out there.

In febuary I flashed two Sony XA2 with Sailfish OS. Both phones had Android 9 before. After flashing with Sailfish OS some functions did not work, e.g. the fingerprint sensor, the sound…
So I reflashed the devices back to Android and downgraded on Android 8 with Emma. Everything worked even the fingerprint sensor.
I flashed the phones again to Sailfish OS. Now everthing worked. So my advise, reflash the phone to Android. I think there is no possibility to go on Android 8 with Xperia 10 but try the lowest android version you get on Emma (the Sony flashing tool) or try different Android versions before you flash to Sailfish. Maybe it helps. Maybe some of the drivers on the latest Android version may not have the correct requirements for flashing to SailfishOS.


My sound was completely gone and also vibration did not work constantly. Sony repair center here in the Netherlands waves warranty away because of the unlocked bootloader and said it is unable to repair the phone.

Sames issues also with invalid touch response etc… I did flashed the latest Android version on the phone before I send it back (but with the lock bootloader message) because it was also for me to check if the phone was really not working also under Android.

But did anyone manage to relock the bootloader?

Just write them an angry letter saying you’ll sue if they don’t repair your phone as refusing to do so is blatantly breaking EU law, which carries hefty fines. Inside the EU, as long as you’re still inside the mandatory two year warranty period, the manufacturer can only refuse to repair a device because it has unofficial software installed if it can prove that the damages were caused by installing said unofficial software.
If they still won’t budge, contact the Consumentenbond or actually sue them yourself - you will win the case.


Do you have perhaps a link or the part to the EU law you are referencing to?

The specific directive is 1999/44/EC, or 1999/44/EG if you want the Dutch version, but as legalese is hard to read, here’s an explanation written for us mere humans:


The strong email was just send. Lets wait…