Can't accept phone call to earpiece with BT connected [Answered]

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
HARDWARE (Jolla1, Tablet, XA2,…): Xperia 10
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): no


It is impossible to switch a call to the earpiece as long as Bluetooth is connected.


(But it is even worse if the phone has a lock code and is locked)


  1. Connect BT headset/handsfree/speaker/…
  2. Get a call
  3. Fail at switching the call to the earpiece


Call can be routed to the earpiece.


Only options are BT device and speaker.


It is not always preferable to accept a call to a connected Bluetooth device (e.g. speaker playing music for many people).Also, quite a lot of Bluetooth headsets seem to have microphone issues, some due to incompatibilities with the SFOS BT stack, some are useless wholly on their own merit.

One could claim that it would be a workaround to disable Bluetooth, but that is even in the basic case hardly user friendly. Add having a lock code to that and it makes it so much worse. While i think settings on the lock screen should be available without unlocking if the user chooses to make it so, the current way is the sensible default setting. Also, when trying to disable Bluetooth the lockscreen does not put itself over the phone app, and until the phone app is swiped away, does not appear to actually validate fingerprints.

Ergo, the workaround does not work well enough, and honestly this deserves its own button.


During an ongoing phone call, there are two virtual buttons on the screen: the Bluetooth button and the loudspeaker button. There is a line between them to visualise that they belong together - they are audio-related.
This is how it works:
a) Bluetooth button is lit: call audio is routed to the connected Bluetooth device
b) Loudpseaker button is lit: call audio can be heard from the handsfree loudspeaker of the phone
c) Neither of the two is lit: call audio goes to the earpiece.

Attah, you should use option c).

For comparison, Samsung Galaxy S9 (Android 10) has a similar arrangement.


Oooops, that’s embarrassing. Works great. Thank you, my bad.

While i do have an Android phone for work (and a Galaxy S9 at that), i use it so rarely that it didn’t help educate me. Privately i have been on SFOS since “the First One”, so doubly embarrassing.

Seeing as i accumulated 3 hearts, and no other users told me to engage my brain, i guess there is still some room for improvement. (But the majority of the problem is still me)

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