Cannot update to (Xperia X): "Problem with store. Unable to determine update size"

I have received a notification of an update to from my X phone which is running but despite it saying ‘Update available for download’, it doesn’t perform that download.

Instead it says ‘Preparing update’ with the circular hourglass then comes up with ‘Update available for download’ again. If I then tell it to download the update it goes through the same routine of ‘Preparing update’ and then comes up with ‘Problem with store. Couldn’t determine size of the update’ and then repeats the ‘Update available for download’ message again.

I tried to search on here for Problem with store but it didn’t find anything recent.

Is there a way out of this loop?

Have you tried using sfos-upgrade from Openrepos?
This would also prompt you if you haven’t got enough free memory for update.

Try this.

Tried that. It just sits there with the hourglass running and then various apps restart continuously. So I have several copies of the same apps shown on the desktop. One missing though is the Phone app. I’ve now rebooted to get out of the loop and still the Phone app won’t run. There’s nothing in the /var/log/systemupdate.log after February 17. I see though that there is a folder with lots of files in it named /var/log/updateTestcase-2022-03-30-16-52-05/ and there’s a similar one named /var/log/updateTestcase-2022-02-17-10-40-23/

I think it’s unlikely that the sfos-upgrade app would have contributed to the current problem as it’s doesn’t apprear to have installed anything. Rather I think it’s all the stuff I tried after looking at the things suggested by emva in another reply. I’ll reply to that separately.

Yes, the time and date are correct. I then went through the suggestions further on and it just loops round the commands eventually giving up after various timeouts and stops after 9 attempts.

But as I said in another reply, the phone app doesn’t now work. I can see why. There’s no mobile connection icon showing so if that’s the problem then basically I have a brick and not a usable phone.

I can see that the only resolution to this might be reflashing the phone. My wife asked “Why don’t you just bin it off and get a proper phone?”, a question to which I have some sympathy at the moment!

Having rebooted the phone, it’s now showing installed but I still have no mobile connection. I’m now following this thread - After 4.4 upgrade no phone call no wlan possible - in an effort to resolve that.

It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one to suffer this problem but it doesn’t give me a warm feeling seeing yet another problem.

Same problem in my similar phone.

It’s probably of little comfort to you but I reset my phone to get back to something that works.

I have previously complained on here about the default user and so a reset took mine back to 3.2 as that’s the newest version with nemo as the user. But it meant that I had to go through these loops to bring it up-to-date :- → → → and finally

I didn’t do anything in between those updates apart from when I went from 3.2 to as it had reset the timezone to Helsinki and so I got the dreaded ‘Can’t determine files size’. As that’s the first check it was an easy enough fix. One of the other problems I’ve had previously is that the phone would only ring once and then while the call was still awaiting an answer there would be no more ringtone. My wife called the phone to check and it rang properly. I hope that continues as I restore all the other stuff and apps that need to be re-installed.

As usual there’s the problem of a backup / restore not working properly but having had problems in the past I have documented all the steps necessary to get back to a working device such as not storing any contacts or calendars on the phone. They’re all stored on my Nextcloud machine. While the calendars now work without any intervention, the contacts don’t. So I’ll have to fix that.

Sorry I can’t be more encouraging but at least I now have a working phone - until the next time!

Did you read

In my case post_sfos-upgrade, part of sfos-upgrade, seemed to do some tricks.