Cannot update Signal

Months ago, I installed signal on XA2. It basically works fine, but now I don’t seem to be able to update it. I receive a notification telling me a new update is available, I click on it (which should take me to Signal and update it), but nothing happens.

Any other users experience the same problem? Any idea how to fix it?

You can download the apk here: Signal >> Signal Android APK

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That’s a great workaround, but it seems to me, being unable to update is a symptom of a bigger problem.
Where did you install signal from? If from an apk, consider using an app store that will help you. If you do use an app store, which one? Is it up to date? Do you have enough free space available to update?

I originally installed it from apk. Space should not be an issue. Any other ideas?

Does Signal have the permissions to install Apps on your device?
Settings > Apps > Signal > Open Android Settings > Install unknown Apps. Needs to be allowed.

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Yes, is allowed.

I also updated it several times ago in the past months, but for some reasons this does not work anymore. I can’t think of anything that has changed, apart from the last Saiflish OS Update.

I also have experienced occasional problems with automatic Signal updates. I then tend to refer to Signal’s website where the apk originally came from. Sometimes it works alright sometimes I have to download new versions from the website.

Threema does not have any problems with the built in update supply mechanism afaik.

I use an XA2 too and had this trouble occasionally myself.

In my case updating works in cases where the notification appears when I’m in an active Android app (in my case Firefox, NewPipe or AntennaPod). Not just on home screen, but in the app itself filling out the whole screen.

When I’m using a native app, the notification appears, too, but doesn’t take me to Signal and nothing happens.

What you could do is try to start up your phone and immediately open an Android app that you use (e.g. Signal itself). When the update notification comes, you should be able to update.

Updating Signal using the notification never worked for me on my X10 II. However, the updated .apk is located in your users home folder at android_storage/Android/data/org.thoughtcrime.securesms/files/signal-update.apk
You can use the file browser, navigate to the signal-update.apk and open it to install the update. Any other means to open/install that .apk should work as well.

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May be i misunderstood something. But why you don’t use the Aurora Store to update Signal ?
It’s the way i used to update Signal since i used Signal (so since more two years ago). It is also the way i used to update all android apps that i installed by Aurora Store. And i do the same things for apps installed with Fdroid.