Cannot download anything with Android apps

The browser can download and so do Fernschreiber and the duckduckgo browser.

So: cd /home/defaultuser/android_storage
then: chmod -R ug=rwx,o=rx ./* *
/edit: AFAIK
This didn’t do the job, there was no change on the permissions.

Jolla4ever is right, i gave you the wrong chmod command.

devel-su chmod -R 775 /home/defaultuser/android_storage

should set the correct permissions.

If the permissions are set like in the screenshot of jolla4ever there must be something wrong with the Android App permissions.

Is DuckDuckGo Browser an Android App?
If yes and it can save files, could you post a screenshot of the permissions settings of an Android App which can not save files?

There is a big change now in de android_storage, as you can see. But the map of Whatsapp and Telegram are not there.

Also in the Home directory there are change’s

Its getting better every time.
Btw Duckduckgo browser is a Android app.

Try restart phone. Give acces rights to WhatsApp and Telegram: Settings / Apps/ Android Settings. Or: reinstall them.

@benhenderson, please prefix the “topic title” with "AlienDalvik: " or something similar to clearly denote that this issue is specific to the AlienDalvik Android runtime environment.

Do you have an Android app installed, which is capable to handle file intents? That means, for example a file browser app, which provides the file picker or file chooser intent for other apps.
For details, see my Guide for installing Sailfish X on Sony Xperias, section 4.5.2 “A proper Android file-manager”.

@jolla4ever Did it already a few times, with no results. Is it maybe a good idea to delete Sailfish Os and install it again so there is a fresh install.

@olf I will try also first your advice, the file handling is done by the standard file browser.

@olf i now using the ol filebrowser and can see whatsapp and telegram. Its even possible to change things. Also with Sailphoto i can place pictures in the social media, its not as it has to be, but it works.
Btw, renaming the topic does not work.

Then please mark my answer as solution.

So I renamed it. Hope the new title fits well to this issue.

@olf thanks for the renaming. Its a pitty that the new update of Sealfish didn’t have a solution for me.