Cannot change email address on

Hello, when logged in on forum.sailfishos .org, under “preferences” -> “account”, I can see my email address and it is written “primary” below.
However, I cannot change my email address. This was possible on together.jolla .com, where I used account.jolla .com to log in but was able to enter another email address in my forum profile.
I would like to use another email address that I have for online forums (which can result in a lot of emails every day) without changing the one used on account.jolla .com (which is used also for more important emails like orders on the Jolla shop and support tickets).
Please bring back this feature, which seems to be here but disabled according to the name “primary” that should allow entering a secondary email address. Since the forum is using Discourse, it should be possible like with Askbot previously, there should be just a configuration to change.

Here is the reply I got when sending an email to (I had to remove https:// and add a space before .com due to the error “Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.”):


Thank you for your message!

Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment.

You could give feedback on the forum and let also others give their comments, so maybe at some point this feature could be implemented.

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Jolla Team