Cannot call or receive calls after upgrade to

After upgrading to I cannot make phone calls or receive calls.

HARDWARE: xperia 10 II-dual xqau52
REGRESSION: yes - worked on previous OS
ISP : freemobile


Phone calls cannot be made
callers get a busy tone even I am not on the phone



To reproduce, either

  • use contacts
  • select a contact
  • press phone number
  • open phone app
  • select a number
  • press the number
  • open phone app
  • select keyboard
  • type a number
  • press call

What happens : Nothing
Expected : the call is made


  • someone calls me

What happens:

  • he gets a busy tone

Expected :

  • they get a ring
  • if I pick up , we have a phone call


use openrepos
use chum (amazfit + some games)
using in development crypto sdcard in cooperation with Olf


I noted that

  • voicecall-manager.service is failed, using SailorD
    the service calls /usr/bin/invoker -o --type=qt5 /usr/bin/voicecall-manager
    If I do it directly, I have

[root@Xperia10II-DualSIM defaultuser]# /usr/bin/invoker -o --type=qt5 /usr/bin/voicecall-manager
invoker: error: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not defined.
invoker: error: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not defined.
invoker: warning: Also fallback boosters failed, launch without boosting.
invoker: warning: Connection with launcher process is broken.
invoker: error: Start application /usr/bin/voicecall-manager as a binary executable without launcher…
Illegal instruction (core dumped)
[root@Xperia10II-DualSIM defaultuser]#

Calling /usr/bin/voiceall-manager results also in Illegal instruction

similarly, the vibration on screen touch is not working either

Which version did you have before the upgrade to
How did you upgrade? Via the UI or using the command line?

Please collect the logs as in here: Collect Basic Logs | Sailfish OS Documentation

I updated via command line , using : sfos-upgrade

I think I had
Collected basic logs - how to transmit them ?
Is a core dump useful ?

I can confirm this issue, this already exists since I upgraded using the standard procedure via settings.
I did not find the time to post a bug report or provide some reproduction steps, I will try to do so later after I am able to verify those.

Some further details on my experience:

What does not recover the device from this issue:

  • Toggling airplane mode
  • Restarting network services via settings utilities
  • Toggling network settings

What does recover the device from the issue:

  • Reboot
  • systemctl restart ofono command

Bug specifics:

  • Any phone functionality is broken (this is actually a very critical issue, due to broken emergency calls!)
  • The Phone app cover displays an ongoing call even though no call is active
  • After executing systemctl restart ofono command the “Phone call ended/terminated” dialog is displayed even though there was no active phone call

Thanks for the logs!


In my case, restarting ofono does not resolve the issue,
what I did : as devel-su : systemctl restart ofono
what happens:

  • I try and open a call through phone app/keyboard/typing a number/Cicking call
  • what happens first time : it says no available network (in french “pas de couverture rĂ©seau”) and fails
  • subsequent times : as in my first description : nothing visible happens

Internal bug report created

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can we create a bug report against poor testing?
I am complaining since a long time that things are getting worse with each release.
When will Jolla start testing better before releasing?
Why is there the EA and what is it good for when so many critical bugs are being reported after release?
I’m surely not touching the phone when reading so many bug reports after
This is serious! I once wrote that some of the former Nokia employees know very well how they did Harmattan 1.2.
I can swallow some minor bugs, but this one … confirmed by multiple users …

please post at least what is the expected release date for the fix.

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We have received some logs from @ddelamarre (thank you). It is not yet clear why phone calls have stopped working on his and on a few other users’ phones while they keep working fine on the phones of the vast majority.

We did not observe this problem on any of the phones on which was tested prior to the rollout.

It is impossible to estimate a release date when the culprit of the reported issue is not clear.

Apologies for the problems caused.


I can understand that it is not possible to cover all variations. Forgive me my harsh remarks, but from my user perspective it is just making me nervous when reading these reports.
Especially after having experienced similar problems in the past.
I wish there were LTS version that I could stay on for a longer period of time, or an easy way to downgrade or rollback. For example at the moment with I do not need to upgrade except for security reasons.
I do not recall if LTS was discussed or available.
I understand the complexity, but I think may be a wider circle of beta testers should be used before release.

[root@Xperia10II-DualSIM defaultuser]# /usr/bin/invoker -o --type=qt5 /usr/bin/voicecall-manager

This should be run as user and as root it’s not expected to work. But as root you could try “systemctl --user restart voicecall-manager” and check what gets printed on the journal.