Camera shutter takes an extremely long time (Xperia 10-III)

I am enjoying using SFOS as my daily driver quite a bit, but I’m having an issue that makes the camera more or less useless. Most times when I click the button to take a picture it takes atleast 8 seconds, some times up to 30 seconds. Something is clearly not as it should be and I’m hoping other people have had this issue and found a solution.

I’m on OS

Sounds like the bug described here:

In short: The 10 III camera refuses to take a picture until the autofocus is done focusing, which requires the phone to be held completely still. Bug is acknowledged and tracked by Jolla, lets hope they can fix it soon.

That’s good to hear. It’s strange that so many of my photos are still slightly out of focus. My hand is steady as a rock! :stuck_out_tongue: