Slow Camera Response on xperia 10 III

On xperia 10 III, the camera response can be very slow, > 3 seconds, sometimes even 10 seconds. I noticed that it is connected with the process of finding focus. Under complicated light situations (like moving lights), it is impossible to take a photo.

I think (anyway!) a good option in general would be to be manual focus (select and keep): set a focus point and then be able to keep it, and then being able to just shoot a photo. I find it a bit earger that the camera is dictating how much focus the photo should have. As a side effect, this would at least help a bit with the camera on the 10-iii.


This has been reported several times. Please search before posting.

OK, good point – thanks! I did search, but those didn’t turn up in the results somehow.

So the solution is: use the Open Camera app with the “Camera2 API” in the settings.

SFOS will catch up some time, I am sure.

I use Advanced Camera from piggz, which works fine for me.

It is this one, right? How do you install it?

Yes, that it is.

You have to install the Chum “App Store” first. Then you install it via Chum

ok, so this is the link for the app store app, you need to try out (or know) on what chipset the phone is running (there are only 3 options):

Install “Advanced Camera”.
Then, the focus mode to select is “Continuous” or “Infinity”.
“Auto”, “Macro” have the same issue.

have the Sony Xperia 10 II also have the problem that the camera is unusable.
triggering is so slow that photos are distorted, photos with a flash result in a white picture.
when will this be fixed the problem has existed for a very long time.
With the Sony Xperia X, the camera works without any problems.

You are right that “auto” and “macro” focuses slower but on my phone its way better than the jolla-camera.

generally, the problem with both “Advanced Camera” and “Open Camera” is:

  • they often won’t start because allegedly the camera is used by another application (even if the sf os camera app is closed)
  • they eat a lot of energy even when not used. So you have to quit them each time after you take a photo.

So I wouldn’t consider this issue as solved …

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