Call blocking app?

Is there an up-to-date app to block robocalls / filter incoming calls according to an internet blacklist? A quick search points to Phonehook, but it does not seem to have been updated since one year, and I don’t see a 64-bit version for the 10 II.


Already requested here

and already in 2013

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I built a 64 bits version for X10II and publish it on openrepos. It’s just a build from the github sources with Sailfish IDE: Phonehook-aarch64 | — Community Repository System
Hopefully, Jolla can add such functionality (block call/sms) directly to the OS as with any modern mobile OS has for years now.


And as stated by @slava, the basic blocks are there but the UI and a few plugins still need to be written:

The enablers are there - our ofono supports sms/call filter plugins since last year (yes, something is happening!). When I designed those interfaces, I had this feature in mind too. If we had enough resources, we would have done the remaining parts already. The remaining parts are (as I see it) 1) on-demand dbus service maintaining white/black lists and logs, 2) ofono plugin (for actually ignoring sms and rejecting/dropping calls) and 3) ui to configure white/black lists and view the logs. If somebody is willing to contribute, I’m could review the code (and the architecture) but at this point it looks unlikely that someone at Jolla would start to actively work on it this year. Unless someone does it during his vacation :slight_smile:


But this answer was already 2 1/2 year ago…

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Yes indeed. @slava, and @Jolla folks, do you have new info about it? Any services or plugins were developed or in the process of?

AFAIK nothing is happening at Jolla in this direction atm. I may consider doing something myself in my spare time during Xmas vacation season but can’t promise anything. There’s so much I would like to do in my spare time…