Calendar disappears when server not available

We have two different devices in my family, XA2 and 10III. Both are configured to use a local network nextcloud which can not be reached from the internet. When out of home network all calendars disappear after some time on both devices. It started on 10III first, I think on a previous release. My XA2 showed the same behaviour at least with the if not with its predecessor.
Some insights on my configuration which might be a hint:
At first, I used the IPv4 address of the server while configuring “generic caldav/carddav” on the phone. This was working fine back then. At some time I noticed, there is a option for “nextcloud” and I changed my configuration to use that to take advantage of extra options besides calendar or address book like backups. This change did work fine for some time, so I am not sure that it would be the cause.
Some time ago, even before changing the above, I changed address configuration on the phones because of a reconfiguration of my home network which also included changing the ip address range. Since this meant I had to change all devices which use the nextcloud instance I had to do quite some job reentering new addresses again and again (4 phones, tablet, PC…) So I figured it would be a good idea to use the DNS name of the server instead. My Fritz Box provides local DNS like “”. This is what I am using these days, but it might have become an issue. Up to this year had never been a registered web address because the TLD .box hadn’t existed. AVM is using for the local network DNS ever since it’s beginning in 2004, but when the TLD became available AVM forgot to register it for itself. So somebody else did, maybe to gather data from people or anything. The website has been taken down now and displays a URS takedown notice. Nevertheless, there is now a server on the internet which responds to and it redirects my phones requests for my “”.
As for my calendar issues, I never imported my own CA on my devices and instead checked “ignore ssl errors”. To rule that out, I now use my own CA with which I signed the nextcloud ssl certificate. It seems to work as I can sync my calendar within my home network with “ignore ssl error” unchecked.
But calendar still disappears when being away from home.
Is there an option to either tell it only to sync on a certain network?
Why is a calendar not displayed when the server cannot be reached or does not respond with a proper answer? I think, when the server cannot be reached at all - like it was before being registered or when I used ipv4 address - the calendar displays fine. But when there is a server responding with a redirect as it now with or it could have also been, when someone is using the same ip on his local network for a server, the calendars are hidden on Sailfish X.

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Take a look here: Nextcloud calendar information vanish if connection to Nextcloud is not possible . I wrote a bug report for a similar problem.

If possible, can you gather logs for this issue ? Follow the instructions from “Basic log” section.

Thank you.