C2 Jolla Community Phone - 4G LTE bands/channels/frequencies

i cannot find a reliable source for the 4G LTE bands available in the modem of Reeder S19 MAX PRO S.
does anyone happen to know what bands are supported?

it would be really nice if the same LTE bands as the 10 III are available, but i doubt that will be the case since 5G is not supported.

Them being entirely different phones makes that unlikely.

5G/NR support has no bearing on 4G/LTE band support for obvious reasons.

there aren’t that many modems to choose from, and also while they are manufactured by different companies, they were both pre-existing devices selected by the same company targeting the same markets.
it is (was) a reasonable hope.

except of course it does? for two different reasons:

  1. the same component, the modem-rf module, controls both nr and lte
  2. this means that Jolla is not looking for RF parity with their existing ‘flagship’. the 10III+IV+V will all support 5G on sailfish, and the C2 will not. this suggests that they dont give a fig for only supporting phones that support a superset of the current RF.

i hope you understand better, now, where i’m coming from.

This is true; but we are fairly sure these are different.

I don’t think the selection goes much beyond “will work fine” - as if there were many options.

No. I work with this.

…and a key functionality is to be able to listen to both at the same time.
For 5G it is even to be able to use them at the same time (even before considering things like dual-sim).
They may or may not be in the same IC, but different set of gates.

While some 5g is deployed at nor near classic 4G frequencies - a big thing is also enabling frequencies that will never see 4G.

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Also would like to know the bands. Really have missed the Meego UI since my N9 and this seems like a great way to support but would want it to be usable with my telco.