Buy Xperia 10 II or wait for Xperia 10 III

So, how does it looks like now?

I have a rare possibility to buy new Xperia 10 III at very good price. But I’m not happy with it running android. So, is official support for 10 III comes anytime soon? Should I buy it now?

Official support was already announced. Coming soon™.

If you’re willing to wait a few weeks, or a couple of months, and you have a good price now, then go for the X10 III, it’s better (bigger battery, better CPU, camera seems better).

Mine has been covering dust in a drawer for several months now, so much about “soon” :grin:


Remember, early 2022. According to Jolla’s calendar, we still have over 6 months left.


it’s still early 2022 till the end of June!

I got my Xperia 10 III in mid November (approx. €170 with a 2 year plan at €35 a month). I would love to flash it tonight, but I’m happy if I can have SFOS on it some time this summer, hopefully this side of Midsummer’s Eve :slight_smile:

I have bought the 10 III because the card slot of my XA2+ is broken. Not one SD card fits anymore. So waiting for the implementation of the 10 III.

SailfishSDK 3.9.6 shows Xperia 10 III under “Device model” in Options, so I guess it is imminent.


Cool. Just ordered one and gonna try my hand at the build instructions.

I hope more like next week than June.


Today I saw a positive message from Jolla with the hashtag Sony Xperia 10 III. I think the implementation on the 10 III will come soon.

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So you people where do you get to buy the X10 III in an affordable price?

All websites I check, the price is the incredibly high retail price of 430€. Whether here in France, or on a few online stores I can google in the EU.
I found a few websites in Finland with <300€, but many don’t ship outside Finland.

Any suggestions for 300€ or below prices?

I am still very happy with my XA2 (appart GPS).
Maybe I use it very lightly…
But do/will I miss something about the 10III?

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I was quick to grab one at 359€ on At 300€, you would be lucky in finding a used one.

I buyed all my XA2 user on
Lots of Xperia 10 III too.
Now, about the prices, I don’t know…

The lowest price I saw in The Netherlands is E386. That was at
Prices did not go down much.

About EUR 360 on The Bay, seller “nesatec_gmbh”.

i would still be on my beloved XA2 if not for the 3G shutdown in the US.

That said i did find a few 10-iii’s listed on eBay for under $250USD.