Buy Xperia 10 II or wait for Xperia 10 III

So, I am in the process of switching from android to sfos and I have a choise to make. Since the Xperia 10 III is out should I wait? I have no idea of how long porting time is from jolla and I can wait some months.

I know similar quentions have been asked, But I’d like to know your opinions.

The xperia 10 iii is not included in the open devices so there cant be a port. So if you want a SFOS phone buy a 10 ii.


OK, thanks a lot for the reply

FWIW, a ‘directory’ of Sony devices currently under AOSP;


support for 10 iii seems to be worked on:

but not yet announced/supported, of course…

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Even if it gets added -which i am sure eventually it will- there is a huge amount of work needed to get it to run SFOS.

Related previous-data-based guesstimates on possible timeframes from another thread (Xperia 10 III support - #9 by Mazoon): 3 weeks from initial GitHub import to announcement of addition to Open Devices Program by Sony, first SFOS release 6-10 months after that.


The way I understood it, the Xperia 10 II took extra long because of the new Android base and the new architecture, but future devices should (comparatively) get Sailfish support a bit quicker.


Sony just announced adding Xperia 10 III to open device program.


As long as they do not change their behaviour regarding the usability of dual SIM and SD card, this is not an option (for me) and I would need to keep my XA2 plus, only/last one with this possibility?
(if I ever would switch to this huge glass bar slab!)

i agree with my XA2 plus with it’s 32GB only.
but since my X10 and especially my x10 II and it’s 128GB I disagree.

if ever the there is no more space I would transfer it to SD card or USB stick. But I think that will not happen.

For me SD card and dual SIM was relevant with JC, XA2, XA2 Plus. But now it’s obsolete

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