Buy Xperia 10 II or wait for Xperia 10 III

SailfishSDK 3.9.6 shows Xperia 10 III under “Device model” in Options, so I guess it is imminent.


Cool. Just ordered one and gonna try my hand at the build instructions.

I hope more like next week than June.


Today I saw a positive message from Jolla with the hashtag Sony Xperia 10 III. I think the implementation on the 10 III will come soon.

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So you people where do you get to buy the X10 III in an affordable price?

All websites I check, the price is the incredibly high retail price of 430€. Whether here in France, or on a few online stores I can google in the EU.
I found a few websites in Finland with <300€, but many don’t ship outside Finland.

Any suggestions for 300€ or below prices?

I am still very happy with my XA2 (appart GPS).
Maybe I use it very lightly…
But do/will I miss something about the 10III?

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I was quick to grab one at 359€ on At 300€, you would be lucky in finding a used one.

I buyed all my XA2 user on
Lots of Xperia 10 III too.
Now, about the prices, I don’t know…

The lowest price I saw in The Netherlands is E386. That was at
Prices did not go down much.

About EUR 360 on The Bay, seller “nesatec_gmbh”.

i would still be on my beloved XA2 if not for the 3G shutdown in the US.

That said i did find a few 10-iii’s listed on eBay for under $250USD.