[BUG] [] Bluetooth multimedia control (play/pause,next,previous) randomly fail with Android apps

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 50%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): XA2+
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): no


When start some multimedia android app, its work fine with bluetooth control (pause,play, next, previous). After few reconnections, its just stop control any multimedia in android and some native app s to ( in native stock mediaplayer it works fine always )


just enable/disable bluetooth, connect/reconnect or somthing


cant reproduce with some fixed steps


should always work as expect


randomely just stops work


Sometimes just restarting aliendalvik helps, sometimes not help
Maybe someone can tell what subsystem i should restart to activate bluetooth multimedia controls work again with android apps
In same time, multimedia control butoons on lock screen works normal


I have a very similar problem with my Xperia 10 plus on
With my JBL Box, the Bluetooth control works most of the time, but now i bought the aventho wirless (headphones from beyerdynamics). With these the Control works in no way. Even with deleting them an new pairing. Is there any chance to make this work?

I have had this same annoying bug always. Currently I’m using xperia 10II. Earlier 10 plus, XA2 and xperia X.
Also media info disappears from my car screen. After reboot everything works fine for a while.


And I’m getting tired for same old bugs. Is it too much asked to fix these things finally???

Thank you a lot, that worked fine. I needed two attempts, but now i works :smiley:

Yesterday I upgraded to anf now its not longer working. Even after rebooting, the control doesn’t work :confused:

maby smebody can tell, what service i should restart, what subsystems should be restarted for using bluetooth multimedia control in Android apps? ( restarting aliendalvi not help )


systemctl --user restart mpris-proxy

Great!!! Thanks! Its helps! When BT control not work, iis show status failed, but when i start it, BT control works again! so easy fix …
now need understand why its filed sometimes!

systemctl --user restart mpris-proxy 

Mmh, you found a workaround. Not a solution, my post isn’t a solution :wink:

i understat it, but i cant edit my first post to add workaround, that’s why i mark your post as solution…

can you add this to your post, which is marked as solution ? =)

systemctl --user restart mpris-proxy 

Better remove solution and edit your main post and add:
Here is a workaround:

systemctl --user restart mpris-proxy

as i said before, i cant edit mine main post, its not editable any more

Oh, sorry I misunderstand. My bad. Anyway.

I’m not so deep into this OS, can you explain to me, where and how to restart this process? ':smiley:

First, you need to enable developer mode in the settings. Once it’s enabled, you’ll see a new icon: Terminal. Open it and enter following command:

systemctl --user restart mpris-proxy

You can PM me if more help is needed.

Do you see multimeda controls on the lock screen? I have the case with Android apps (Play RTS and NewPipe) where I can control through my bluetooth device, but not through my phone.

I still don’t know how to exactly reproduce, but here are my steps:

  • Reboot your phone
  • Enable Bluetooth
  • Connect to a device

Repeat until multimedia control disappear:

  • Open NewPipe
  • Listen to a video in the background
  • Lock your phone
  • Unlock your phone
  • Close NewPipe
  • Listen to another video in the background
  • Lock your phone
  • Unlock your phone

Don’t know if it’s related, but I saw this error:

[20406]: [C] unknown:0 - Cannot clear icon cache dir at "/home/defaultuser/.cache/apkd-bridge-user/apkd-bridge

Thanks @sashikknox for highlighting this, and also to everyone for the useful follow-up discussion.

As you’ve noted, that this is caused by the mpris proxy needing to be restarted, it seems likely itt’s it’s the same issue as described here:

The following change was made to resolve this more generally, and this will hopefully make it in to the next release, and so I’ve tagged the issue as “fixed”.